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Annex "Arabus" (Arabus) is an Arab-Russian language. Dictionary, which also contains the Russian-Arabic vocabulary. The Dictionary database is built on Baranova's Arab-Russian dictionary. You can also use the application to improve your ability to assimilate words. It is necessary to translate the Arabic word into Russian Enter it directly in the input field (Harakat), and then click on the The keyboard has a "Search" button.
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8 February 2017
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You can also translate the application from Russian to Arabic. You can do this by entering the word in Russian.

The Displayed words can be added as “Favorites”, or “Training” sections. You will need to know how to hold the right button to the left and then click on the desired button depending on the location you wish to add a word.

There are four types of training available in the application: “Arabic-Russian”, “Russian-Arabic”, “Russian-Arabic”, “Sprint”, or “Designer”.

The Training “Arabic-Russian” will show you how to translate the word in Arabic. There are also 4 translations in Russian. It is important to choose the best one. The app will tell you if you answered pravlno after you select it. Training, “Russian-Arabic ‘, respectively, the contrary.

The Training “Sprint” teaches you how to translate the word from Arabic into English. You must determine if the translation is correct. You have only 30 seconds to do this.

The Training “Design” will teach you how to spell the Russian word. You will need to find the word in Arabic, and then make it from the scattered letters.

This training disallows incorrectly answered words However, in the “Editing words” section you will be able to edit any word or do any other thing. You can also delete any word from the workouts.

The home Version allows you to use unlimited vocabulary and add only 10 words per training session. The full version allows unlimited training. You can add unlimited words to ie


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