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This is a sandbox RPG game. In the world, equipment is an indispensable existence, and all kinds of equipment have different functions. For example, if you want to cut down trees, you must equip an axe. If you want to dig ore, you must equip an iron pickaxe for hunting or hunting. When facing the enemy, you need to equip offensive weapons and so on.
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Jul 5, 2022
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Play a free game that features a huge open-world, hardcore, PvE and combat system, fully player-driven economies, and a classless “you’re what you wear” system. Explore the globe, fight other adventurers in exciting arena and open-world battles, capture territories, and create a homestead to grow crops and raise animals.
CROSSPLATFORM PLAY Albion Online offers a cross-platform MMO experience. One account allows you to play on any platform, mobile or desktop, and all players can access the same shared server.

EXPLORE AN INTERESTING WORLD: Discover five vibrant biomes where you can find raw materials to make crafts or fish in the oceans and lakes. Find dungeons that offer powerful enemies and lucrative rewards. To discover new routes between distant areas, explore the mysterious Roads of Avalon. You can choose to play in Albion’s black and red zones and engage in full-loot PvP, or you can stick with safer zones for PvE and gathering.

PREPARE to FIGHT: Compete against other adventurers in full-loot, high-reward PvP. To win, you can level up your combat skills and build unique builds. Participate in 1v1 battles in Corrupted Dungeons, and 5v5 fights in Arena and Crystal Realm.

PLAYER-DRIVEN ECOMY: Nearly every item in the game can be crafted by players in player-constructed buildings. These buildings are built from resources gathered by them. You can trade, buy, and sell at the local markets all over Albion to grow your wealth.

WHAT YOU WEAR IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Albion Online’s classless combat system allows you to choose the weapons and armour that best suits your abilities. It is as simple as changing gear. You can improve your character’s abilities by crafting and using new equipment. The Destiny Board has RPG-style skill trees that will help you progress.

FACE DEADLY FOES Albion’s open world awaits your challenge. Six different factions await you, each with their own strategies. You can choose to participate in either solo or group Expeditions or you can face demons or other players in Hellgates or Corrupted Dungeons for the ultimate thrill.

CONQUER WORLD: Join an guild to claim your share of Albion. Claim territories to gain access to amazing resources, build guild halls, Hideouts, track your progress against other guilds around the world on the leaderboards, or join a City Faction to participate in continent-wide Faction Campaigns.

PUT THE ROOTS DOWN: Get a city parcel or private island to call yours and make it yours. You can grow crops, raise livestock, mounts, or build crafting stations. You can stock your home with custom furniture, trophies and chests to keep your growing loot, or hire labourers to help you gather and craft.


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