Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (Official) APK v1.2.1


Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (Official) – a tactical game made with humor and executed with an original approach. The authors offer not only to become a spectator of epic spectacular fights, but also to take part in them. Choose the battles of which representatives of the fauna you would like to experience on the battlefield. The simulator of the battle uprising of animals looks quite comical. This is a confrontation between dinosaurs and polar bears, elephants and spiders can meet here.
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Jun 21, 2022
5.0 and up

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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator offers the ultimate physics-based simulation sandbox. You can place two opposing armies from different beasts and watch their epic battle! You can see the battle between the beasts as the limbs bend, the necks twist, and the bodies fly everywhere.

There are many creatures to choose from: T-Rex and spinosaurus, triceratops. It all is here: demonic monsters, mutant primates and fantasy creatures, as well as dinosaurs and fantasy creatures.

Weapons can be attached to animals! Watch the T-Rex wreak havoc with rocket launchers, crossbows, and huge guns!


You can create your own monsters by combining various body parts and weapons.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility! You can attach as many body parts or weapons as you like, wherever you want.

Your creations can be saved for later!

Campaign mode allows you to test your strategic and tactical skills. Select the right beasts and place them at the right places. Then command them to defeat your enemy.

Even the most costly army won’t always win. Each unit has its strengths and weaknesses. Learn about your unit’s strengths and weaknesses, then use them to your advantage on the battlefield.


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