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Any. Do's To-Do List & Calendar is a MUST-HAVE APP (NYTimes USA TODAY, WSJ & Lifehacker). is trusted by more than 15 million people to help them manage their lives and get things done. You can keep track of your to-dos, schedule, reminders, lists, and notes with Any. Do. With one app, you can accomplish more than ever before.
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5 August 2021
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Google Editor’s Choice is a To Do List and Planner app that helps over 25m people get more done.

It’s a MUST HAVE PLANNER & TO DONE LIST APP (NYTimes USA TODAY & Lifehacker). This is a free calendar, planner, and to-do app that can be used for managing and Organize your daily tasks, to-do lists, notes, and reminders. Calendar events, shopping or grocery lists, etc.

Get organized with your tasks & to-do lists.

* CALENDAR & PLANNER – Keep track of your calendar events and to-do lists Our calendar widget keeps you always in mind. to-do list & planner Support daily calendar view, 3-day calendar view, weekly calendar view View your agenda and add-in reminders.

* SYNCS SEAMLESSLY  Keeps all your to do list, reminders, notes & calendar events You’ll never lose a thing if you keep your phone in sync. Sync your phone’s Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Facebook Events, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Calendar, Facebook Events, Google Calendar or any other Other calendars so that you don’t forget important events.

* SET  REMINDERS & WORK TOGETHER – One time reminders, recurring reminders,  Location reminders & voice reminders. NEW! NEW! Get reminders via WhatsApp. Send your task list to others and assign tasks! Your task list can be shared with your family, friends, and colleagues.  Collaborate.

Set reminders and create them with your voice.
We added a calendar integration for better task management. This will keep your agenda up-to-date.
For We added location reminders and recurring reminders to improve productivity. One-time reminder, subtasks, notes, and file attachments
We’ve created a daily planner with a focus mode to help you keep track of your to-do list.

INTEGRATIONS Google integrates with To-Do List, Planner, Planner & Reminders Calendar, Outlook, and WhatsApp.  Trello, Wunderlist, Todoist, Zapier, Asana, Microsoft to-do, Salesforce, OneNote, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa are available in OneNote, Google Assistant Office 365, Exchange, Jira. • More.

This product is designed to keep you at the top. You can manage your tasks, to-do lists, and calendar events without any hassle. You can do it all with Drag and drop tasks intuitively, swipe to mark completed tasks as complete To remove items from your to-do list, shake your phone.

Add You can access your Outlook email, Gmail, or Outlook inbox to create a Do List item.  Forwarding [email protected] [email protected] Google Drive for your to-tasks

Any.can be described as a to  do list, a calendar, an inbox, a notepad, a checklist, task list, a Board for sticky notes or post-it notes, task & project management Tool, reminder app, daily planner, family organizer, agenda, and more Bill planner and the most simple productivity tool you’ll ever use. Have.

To plan & organize It’s never been easier to create projects. You can now share lists among family members. Members can assign tasks to one another, chat, and do many other things. Anything. do Help you and your friends stay in sync by getting reminders You can put your focus on the important things knowing that you have had a productive day. You have crossed it off your list.

GROCERY LIST AND SHOPPING LIMIT It is great to have a task list, planner, calendar, agenda, reminders, and planner. Shopping lists for grocery stores Create a shopping list with Any. Do. Share it with your loved ones to see them add their shopping items In real-time


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