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Are you bored of reading books? Do you get bored of the same story, chatting game and book game? interactive story games, visual novels, selection games, or noir games? Give the visual novel game "Argo's choice", a game in which your choices are important, a chance. Depending on which character you choose, an entertaining story unfolds. User's choices in story game "Argo's Choice."
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1 September 2021
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An interactive story that you can decide! Argo’s dark, corrupt world is where Argo begins his secretive tale. Crime. Are you bored when reading books? Are you sick of it? The same chatting game, the crime story game, and still love interactive story games, visual novels and selection games. Are you looking for adventure games? Give the visual novel game “Argo’s Choice”, a game that will challenge your imagination. It is worth a shot if your choices are important. A captivating story unfolds. Depending on the user’s choices in the story game, ‘Argo’s Choice’.
This story game tells the story in a visual novel format. Many interesting characters are featured in an episodic and conversational manner.
It’s a visual novel that cannot be compared to other story games. The greatest criminal adventure game, unlike any other You’ve been there before.
Visual novel, Crime story game
Argo travels to STYX, his favourite place to spend one night.  Fallen city. It was a long night. Argo opens at this location. Argo is ruminating on his past… What will Argo’s final night look like?
Game Introduction: Chatting Game. Detective Game. Adventure Game
You can have a conversation similar to online chatting and decide Argo’s fate by your choices.
One choice can alter the flow of the story or the past. Relationships and interactions between characters can be unpredictable.
*Pay close attention to Argo’s story. His fate will be determined by his choices.
*Pay close attention to how you relate with other characters. Find out their secrets.
*You are free to make any choice, but you won’t know the consequences. You should not decide until it is too late. Be careful with your choices
Game Features
– A visual novel video game anyone can enjoy.
Drama and entertainment are provided by this deep storytelling experience.
It’s easy to play! A powerful story!
You can choose from different endings, and you can earn various achievements, which adds more fun to your game!
– Offline text adventure game in criminal style
A unique indie game that combines chatting and gaming
*An immersive text that tells a powerful and short story.
*Play the storyline and see how it changes depending on your choices.
*Unlock all achievements and hidden stories
The story of Argo begins in the dark back alley bar STYX. Interactive story series taking place in Seven Days! Argo’s Choice! Download now to decide Argo’s fate by making your selections.
This is a must-play for those who love mystery games and story games. Adventure games, chat games and offline games are all available.



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