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Betta Fish 3D – 3D Live Wallpaper – very beautiful and high-quality live Wallpaper that will please both fans of personalization and those who love colorful aquarium fish. Smooth animation, a high degree of elaboration of all the details, a variety of represented species of underwater inhabitants and other factors make the app an excellent choice for all those interested in such things.
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September 25, 2020
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Betta Fish 3D was inspired by the 6S motion wallpaper. It features stunning graphics and smooth animation.

Betta Fish 3D, a 3D wallpaper that imitates the Siamese fighting fish, is available for download. Betta Fish 3D was created in a way that mimics the exquisite photography of famous betta fish kept in aquarium tanks. Betta Fish 3D features 5 different betta fish varieties and a variety of background colours that can be customized to make it more exciting as a wallpaper. Betta Fish 3D can match your background and fish colours to create a stunning, state-of the-art scene. Betta Fish 3D also features smooth animation and can converse with your smartphone battery.

Betta Fish 3D full version allows you to unlock all 5 betta fish and background colors. You can try it now!

Send us an email if you have technical questions, suggestions or other inquiries. We would love to hear from your.

Vision Lab designed and developed Betta Fish 3D.



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