This is a pixel mobile game with exquisite style. In the game, players can use blocks of various colors to create a magical world. The simple operation of the puzzle is not difficult, and it is very suitable for leisure and relaxation.
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Jul 17, 2022
5.1 and up

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BOKU BOKU, a block-building game, allows you to use blocks to build your world. It is unique and only for you.
– Blocks-building game, Create Freely!
Interactive objects are available for play.
Suitable for families, children, and girls.
Multiplayer support
Continuous evolution

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Freely Create

You can create your world by using blocks. You can build houses, schools, restaurants, theme parks, and other attractions. You can also play the piano and swing, eat a delicious meal, and use the bathroom. You can do what you like and have the life of your dreams in the game.

– Interaction with objects

Imagine interacting with objects built around the world. You can even use the bathroom’s toilet. Zooming in allows you to see the clock and calendar on the wall. They show the date and time. The calculator in the office can be used to do the math. Another cool feature is that it is real. Explore the game to discover more fun actions.

– Music Instruments

The game includes musical instruments. You can find a piano, xylophone, and drum kit. Everything will make sound, which is the best thing about it. You can then play with the instrument by sitting in front of it. In the future, more tools will be available.

Make Your Character

You can alter the appearance of the physical character by changing the clothing, hats, and facial expressions. Would you prefer to wear a suit or dress like a police officer for boys? Would you wear a beautiful gown or a student uniform for girls? You can also dress up as a ninja or even wear animal headgear. Take a photo, or use multiplayer mode to impress your friends!

– Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode allows you to share the same world as other players. You can interact with other players by giving them flowers and kisses, and using laser guns and light sabers to fight. The Multiplayer mode supports voice and text communication.


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