CASHFLOW — financial strategy for Android, based on the original Board game by Robert Kiyosaki. In this game, your main task will be to learn how to distribute their finances and do everything possible to get out of the rat race. Develop your financial strategy while you work on a regular job and do everything possible to implement it. Avoid bad deals, friends who ask for loans, lawsuits, and job layoffs. Create your investment strategy and conquer the world with your financial skill.
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Jan 12, 2019
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To escape the Rat Race, you need to create a financial strategy using real estate, stock market, and CASHFLOW – The Investing Game. Based on Robert Kiyosaki’s original board game, sharpen your financial strategy to claw your way out the Rat Race and build your CASHFLOW Empire.
Start CASHFLOWing in the Rat Race by working in different professions, while you develop your investment strategy and become the next real estate or business mogul. Avoid falling for the traps of friends asking for help, lawsuits and being laid off.
Fine-tune your investment strategies now. You will soon be able to impress the world by your financial prowess.

The game is only available in English.
We recommend a tablet or other device that has a diagonal greater than 6 inches for a more comfortable game.
You can now try the beta version, which is specially designed for smartphones. You must sign up for the app testing program to do this.

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