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Are you able to lead a group of sly, fluffy kittens to paradise where endless fish are waiting? Cats Empire is a unique blend of strategy and simulation games. You aim to take over Whiskertown using PvP mode. Cat vs. cat, clan vs. Clan! Clan!
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22 July 2021
4.0.3 and up

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Are you able to lead a clan full of sneaky butchers? Fluffy kittens to paradise, where endless fish are already waiting! Cats Empire Mod Apk is a unique combination of strategy and simulation games. You want to take over Whiskertown in PvP mode. Cat vs. kitten and clan vs. Clan! Can you build a powerful clan of furry cats to take you to? The top of the leaderboardTo take the clans’ lands, you can raid them. Fish and souls and then return to your tribe. Take care of your kittens and Enjoy some stolen fish. To improve the quality of your predators, upgrade them. Individual skills: Collect and craft items to increase the power of your tribe. Soon, you’ll be running the show in the concrete jungle!

Individualize Each plush cat’s skills. You will be interested in training some cats. Stealthy fish-stealing machines. You can also make fearless mods to other machines. You can hire attackers to bring your tribe souls. You can even Cross-breed your kitties for powerful super cats The strategy and skills that you need to be successful. Strategy is the name for the job. You will be playing the game as you try to climb the leaderboard’s summit!

To keep your cat’s furballs fighting, you will need to be a clever cat commander. Fit. Prepare for boss fights and unlock new areas. Explore, discover and loot new clans! Every clan is new! You will be on the block, so you’ll need to protect your property from claiming yours Ask at the top CATS EMPIRE.

Combination of cleverness and intelligence You can survive Match-3 and Puzzle games with the right strategies The urban jungle is a battlefield. Only the most skilled fish thieves can survive in this urban jungle.  Survive! Take out your phone and take care of your feline friends.

Do You have the skills and reflexes to guide your fish The thieves can get into the mysterious Whiskeytown’s puzzle-ridden backyards.

Donate Crossbreed your tribe members’ skills to raise your own. Your own predatory, plushy prey! Be careful: If you don’t care enough, you might end up with a bunch of snarling predators! They will be gone forever.

Strong people are only those who have the right mindset. Friends. Form your own army of dangerously intelligent cats and build your own empire.  Feline cats. Get along with your neighbors and be the boss of Whiskeytown. Backyards

Be the wise cat breeder and grow your cat family Your clan of plush, sneaky cats will be your leader. Collect fish to do this. Charms and skill points can be used to increase the power of your clan. Take charge of your cat. Join the tribe to be the best!

You can win valuable. In-game prizes at worldwide tournaments and the top of the fish Tower. Each competition lasts 72 hours. It would help if you had a passion for fish Charms and shamans will take you from the belly of the whale to the top. Fish throne. This is your decision. Join a clan of your friends.

Collect skill points, Crossbreed your cat to make them even more adorable super cats! Soon, your cat tribe will include irreplaceable hero cats.

Items Fish and souls – Cats can be thieves and gatherers, but they are also busy making progress. You can make it with the right plunder. You can steal them from your neighbors or masters. Mysterious backyards. Each successful attack gives you skill points. Souls for your storage

Play against the whole Whiskeytown, loot your neighbors or form alliances with friends Celebrate a hostile takeover. Use Facebook to play and collaborate Other plush predators.

Manage and create the ultimate cat tribe
Your clan can lead you into battle
Create clever strategies and tactics
Crossbreed your cats to make super cats
Be a champion for your boss
Different areas are available
 Complete quests
Compete against clans around the world
Take control of the global leaderboard


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