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Crashlands — chic adventure project which implemented a serious action component, survival mechanics, crafting, construction and everything else that makes these games as exciting as possible. The main character, a space trucker, was robbed and left to die on a dangerous, uninhabited planet. But he is not used to just giving up and developing violent activities for their own salvation. This plan very soon leads him to the epicenter of a conspiracy of galactic proportions. Now it will depend not only on his fate but also on many worlds.
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Apr 27, 2022
5.0 and up

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“…a design masterpiece.” TouchArcade2016 Game of the year – TouchArcade and Gamezebo
2016 Action Game of the Year: Pocket Tactics
Nominee for DICE 2016 Mobile Game of the Year
Time’s Top 10 Games and Top 50 Apps for 2016

Crashlands is where you can craft, battle, or quest your way to success. It’s brimming with adventure and sass!

Flux Dabes is a galactic trucker whose latest shipment is scuppered by an alien menace called Hewgodooko. You will be left stranded on an unknown planet. You’ll find yourself caught up in a plot to destroy the world, and you will need both your brains and your glutes to get out of it. As you thrive on planet Woanope, you will learn from local sentient life and make new friends.

VV Key Features VV

* A comprehensive crafting system
Explore the globe and discover its secrets to unlock over 500 crafting items!

* Infinite Inventory, Self-managing
Your inventory in Crashlands is infinite and manages itself. It can retrieve your tools whenever you need them so that you can spend your time adventuring, questing and building. To free up inventory space, you won’t have to search through your bag or return home to empty it.

* RPG-Style Character Progression
You can become more powerful by creating amazing items! You can travel to new places, meet new characters, learn new stories and face new enemies as you gain power.

* Skill-Based Combat
Learn about your enemies’ weaknesses and then use your agility, skill, and wits against them. The power of the many gadgets that you can create can enhance your fighting skills. You can set your enemies ablaze, stun them, slow time down, and many other things!

* Intuitive Base Construction
Crashlands base building is easy enough to feel like fingerpainting. In minutes, you can create sprawling, beautiful grounds!

* Tameable Creatures
Crashlands has many creatures that can be trusted as combat sidekicks. You can find an egg and incubate it to hatch your own cute or hideous little bundle of joy. You can even make your own items to help them grow and empower!

* Huge World… With Huge Problems
There are three continents and four sentient races. It’s an epic battle for the planet’s future. And you’re stuck in the middle trying to deliver your packages. You can take your time and learn the stories behind the characters you meet. Or, rush to make that delivery. There are hundreds and hundreds of quests on planet Woanope.

*Effortless Cloud Savings
Your save doesn’t have to go just because your battery went dead or your device was dropped into a deep chasm. BscotchID makes it easy to save and retrieve your saved data from the cloud and transfer them between devices.

* Controller Support *
Do you get tired of sweating all over your touchscreen? It’s not a problem! No problem! We support most mobile-compatible controllers so that you can use your sweaty fingers on joysticks instead.

Recommend Hardware & Software:
* Android 5.0 and newer
* Minimum 1GB RAM
* Minimum 960x540px screen resolution

Due to the old TLS protocol, BscotchID functions might not be available for Android 4.4 and older devices.


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