Digimon ReArise 1.4.0 APK


We regret to announce the closure of this game on Apr.21, 2022. The game and all items can be used until the last day. Check in-game announcements for more ...
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February 10, 2022
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 Unknown Digimon, calling itself Herissmon, has suddenly appeared on your smartphone. It is now known as the “Spirals” attack.

This is the story of Digimon’s ReArise.

This Friendship Digivolving RPG will allow you to dive into a story about old and new friends!

# A story that connects Digimon and Tamers
This story is completely original and follows Tamers, Digimon as they grow in friendships.
Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru is the original character designer for Digimon animated series. He has created brand new characters!

# Nurturing Digimon Tamer friendships through shared moments
Your DigiTown will show you how your Digimon interact with each other.
Get to know other Tamers, and join forces in achieving common goals.

# Test your strength in battle
Create a Digimon team to prove your friendship and engage in battles up to 5v5 in real-time!
You can either go head-to-head at the Battle Park, or you can team up with other Tamers to fight powerful Digimon in Clash Battles.

# Care for your Digimon by training and caring

Your Digimon can be helped to work out, listen to them, and you will unlock the path towards Digivolution.
You might be able to get Mega Digivolve if you are strong enough and grow close enough!

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