Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee APK


The player plays a prisoner while the spacecraft is shot down on the planet where the aliens have been stationed during the interstellar escort. The player can only fight the enemy invasion with his friends in the dungeon and collect resources to survive.
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Dec 7, 2021
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Dungeon of the Endless Apogee: This Rogue-Like Dungeon Defense game requires you and your heroes to protect the generator of the ship’s crashed engine while exploring a dungeon. You will also be confronted with special events and monsters as you attempt to escape. The Apogee Edition includes Dungeon Of The Endless and five DLCs.

What’s behind the Door?

A few hundred of the most convicted criminals were transported to the Auriga system aboard the prison hulk, “Success”. Although they were told that this would give them the chance to earn their place back in society, they knew they would be working as slave labor to colonize an unknown planet. They knew nothing about Auriga Prime beyond what the probes had told them. It had water, temperature zones, plant life and lots of metals in its crust.

Once, the planet Auriga was home to a large settlement of galaxy-travelling ancestors called the Endless. The planet was also still surrounded by a well-cloaked defense system that was functioning. It sprang to life eagerly upon the Success’ arrival. In a matter of minutes, the ship was nothing more than a few large pieces of metal falling towards the planet.

Each set of holding cells could also be used as an escape pod. The ship broke apart, leaving the survivors with minor injuries but still able to escape. They were safe until they realized they had crashed through an Endless facility all the way to a subbasement so ancient and deep it could as well be called “a dungeon”.

Get a Team Together
* Create a team of heroes with different strengths and psychoses.
* Get powerful abilities by equipping them and deploying them
* Balance ex-prisoners and guards

Protect Yourself
* You can use the dust you have gathered to power your rooms
* Make use of limited resources to support your team’s survival
* Create minor and major modules that can withstand waves of monsters
* Discover life-saving technologies by decoding Endless Ruins

Open the Door
* Every door can be dangerous; prepare your team and yourself for anything
* Discover an infinite number of levels and layouts.
* Carry your crystal to each level’s exit, through waves of monsters
* Find the truth about Auriga by fighting your way to the surface

The Apogee edition includes the following addons
* DEEP FREEZE – New ship, new game mode, and new character
* DEATH GAMBLE – New merchant
* RESCUE TEAM – Three new characters, three new monsters, and a major module.
* ORGANIC MATTERS – New ship, new game mode, new character, new minor modules, and new monsters
* BOOKWORM: New ship, New character

Mobile Design Redesigned Carefully
* Redesigned interface
* Cloud Save
* Only one payment is required to unlock the Dungeons of the Endless full game and 5 DLCs. No ads, no in-app purchases!


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