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Extra Lives is a fun end-game zombie theme adventure. Try to find out how long you can survive in a world of zombies. In this indifferent end of the world, will not only kill you zombies, other survivors may also be your enemy! Come and installation if you are interested
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April 14, 2021
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Varies with device

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Find out how long you can survive in this world of brainless zombies, heartless humans. You will form unique relationships with 200 characters from 8 different warring factions. Each has their own views on the problem and solutions. You will explore more than 50 locations as you attempt to restore order in every corner of the city. There are hundreds of interactive objects along the way. The Wrestling Revolution series has a superior combat system that will allow you to take down your enemies.

The game is free to play but you can purchase upgrades to make it more enjoyable. You can start with a character you create and save your progress to all other characters to make your world yours. You have the option to choose how many zombies your character starts with. You can also enjoy the “Deathmatch”, a mode that allows you to kill zombies without any pressure.

Some players of older games might need to take some time to adapt to the new control system that distinguishes between left and right hands.

* You can ATTACK from either the RED or RED sides by pressing the RED buttons.

* The BLUE buttons on your hands allow you to PICKUP or DROP with either of your hands (hold the direction to THROW).

+ Pressing BOTH buttons at the SIDE will allow you to USE what’s in your hand, such as reading books or eating. (Note that certain actions can cause you to switch hands to properly use them).

+ By pressing BOTH the pick-up buttons simultaneously, you can combine the objects in your hands or on the ground. As long as the objects are not too large, both hands can pick up larger furniture.

+ Pressing BOTH attack buttons simultaneously will attempt to GRAB the opponent (press again for release, or any other combination of buttons that can be used to execute moves).

+ DOUBLE-TAP in any direction that you want to RUN.

To REM sleep when you have low energy, touch the HEALTH METER.

– Press the CLOCK key to pause – this will allow you to exit or access other options.

It is a shame that this game has more to it than can be described here. Please refer to the game for more hints.


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