FiLMiC Pro Mod Apk (Full Unlocked) For Android App 2022


FiLMiC Pro v6 is the most advanced cinema video camera for mobile. Ever. FiLMiC Pro features cutting-edge capabilities and is the most responsive manual filming app available on mobile.
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April 21, 2022
7.0 and up

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*Download the FiLMiC Pro Evaluation to see if your device has app capabilities
FiLMiC Pro V6 is the best mobile cinema video camera. Ever. FiLMiC Pro is the best mobile manual filming app, with cutting-edge capabilities.

FiLMiC Pro is used by more award-winning directors in high profile video projects than any other app.

John Legend music video “A Good Night”
Steven Soderbergh: Unsane and High-Flying Bird
Tangerine – Sean Baker
Selena Gomez music video “Lose You to Love me”
Lady Gaga – Stupid Love

FiLMiC Pro allows filmmakers, newscasters and teachers to use the LOG gamma curve. This option is included in the Cinematographer Kit optionally in-app purchase. LOG V2/V3 offers more flexibility and tonal range than traditional cameras costing thousands of dollars. It also expands the dynamic range and sets compatible Android devices capabilities. +

FiLMiC Pro offers an optional in-app purchase that allows you to apply cinematic looks in-camera. This gives you a truly cinematic look without the need for post-grading. +

Banner Features for v6:

* Dual arc slider controls allow for manual focus or exposure
* Live analytics suite, including Zebras and False Color as well as Focus Peaking
Compatible handsets will support 10-bit data
* Realtime film looks (8-bit) +
* Clear HDMI Out for monitoring and use of webcams (adapters needed)
* Ramped zoom rocker
* Waveform monitor equipped with tri-mode histogram
* Manual white balance adjustment using custom presets
* Content Management System to file naming
* FiLMiC-Sync account to save presets in cloud and share them between devices
* Gamma curve controls to Natural, Dynamic and Flat LOGv2/V3 +
* Live highlight and shadow controls
* Live RGB, saturation and vibrance controls

(+) Available as an optional in app purchase. Not available on all devices).

Foundation Features

* Manual, standard, and hybrid shooting modes. There are shooting styles for every skill level.
* Landscape and vertical orientations
* Variable speed zoom
* Sync audio frames rates of 24, 25, 30, or 60 fps**
* High-speed frames rates of 60,120 and 240 fps**
* FX slow and fast motion
* Time-lapse capture
* Downsampling to multiple resolutions
* Presets for saving shooting
* Aspect ratio framing guide overlays
* Image stabilization**
* FiLMiC Labs (test experimental features that are not supported by the device).
* FiLMiC Remote Support. Remote allows you control FiLMiC Pro running on Android with a FiLMiC Remote device.

** Not supported by all devices


* Exposure: ISO, shutter speed
* Manual focus
* Zoom

8 aspect ratios including:

* Widescreen (16.9)
* Super 35 (2.39:1)
* Letterbox (2.20:1)
* Ultra Panavision (2.76:1)
* Square (1 to 1)

Five encoding options are available to ensure a balance between quality and file size

* FiLMiC Ultra offers up to 580Mbps for supported devices
* FiLMiC Extreme offers up to 200Mbps encryption at 4K on the latest gen devices
* FiLMiC Quality
* Apple Standard
* Economy

Support for Hardware from Third Parties:
* 1.33x and 1.55x anamorphic lenses de-squeeze
* Lens adapters for 35mm lenses
* Horizontal flip

Supported Gimbals:
* Zhiyun Smooth 4/5/Q3
* Movi Cinema Robot
* DJI OSMO Mobile 1/2/3/4/5

Advanced Audio Features
* Pro audiometer
* Manual input gain
* External microphone level control

Not all features will be available on every device. To find out what your device supports, use our FiLMiC Evaluator.


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