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Take care to aim carefully, then guide your arrow through all the obstacles. Finally, control the arrow to avoid any obstacles and reach the distant target!
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15 August 2021
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Voodoo is a hardworking publisher that launched its magazine. Gamers love to buy products regularly. Their games are original and creative. Recent trends include Survival games are on the rise so that you can try a new game. Flying Arrow is a good choice for stress relief.

Archery is a very popular sport at many Olympics. Flying Arrow You are also a professional archer who is trying to be the best. Your bow should be extended so that it flies high in the air. You will feel very real because the game follows good physical rules. The game has many obstacles that can prevent your arrows from reaching their destination. Rock.

Flying Arrow lets you fire multiple shots at once. You probably know this tip: Shoot mid-pink to score higher scores. This game is difficult no matter if you’re a Hawkeye, Green Arrow or a Green Arrow.

If you want your bow to fly farther and score higher, it must be upgraded. You can basically increase speed, power and accuracy. To get high scores, the most important thing is to be able to control your ingenious bow and to have a bit of luck.

You will first practice in the forest. You can also practice in the forest. The village, etc. These areas have additional obstacles that require players to be precise.


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