Fran Bow Chapter 1 Apk + Data For Android App 2022


Fran Bow is a creepy adventure game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair destiny.
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April 12, 2019
2.3 and up

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Fran Bow is an adventure game about Fran, a young girl with a mental disorder.
Fran and her only friend, Mr., rush into the woods after witnessing her parents’ horrific and mysterious loss. Fran received Midnight as a gift from her parents.

Fran, who is in shock at the loss of her parents, goes into shock in the forest. After she has recovered, Fran is taken to Oswald Asylum. This oppressive mental institution for children and Mr. Midnight is not to be found.
Fran dreams about her cat in a dream and decides to flee the mental institution to search for him. She will return home to Aunt Grace, her only relative.


* A story-driven psychological horror adventure game that is creepy and disturbing.

* 2D Animation and 2D Art-Style that is unique and original.

* Self-administer medication to unlock the horrible hidden world. This will allow you to solve puzzles and locate objects.

* A wide range of puzzles, each with a different difficulty level and based on the story.

* Original Soundtrack

Important Note: A larger screen is better for enjoyment.

Android devices with at least 1 GB System Memory (RAM), are strongly recommended for playing the Fran Bow app. Android devices with less then 1GB System Memory (RAM), will experience crashes when either playing or uninstalling the Fran Bow apps.

Available in English, German and Russian.



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