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Granny is a horror 3D game for first-person. You must escape from an old, creepy house before The GRANNY monster comes and beats you with a baseball bat. You have 5 days to escape from the creepy old house before The GRANNY monster comes and beats you down with a baseball bat. To escape the house, look for clues, keys and weapons.
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20 January 2021
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The first impressions of granny will remind you of Five Nights at Freddy’s horror game. This game’s main objective is to locate items. You can unlock the front door while Granny is away by being quiet. You can hide. You move around like in a maze, room after room, door after door.

Because you need to move and locate things, the game creators have created them. That was the goal. This is why the house has a lot of light, making it feel a little more spacious. You become more aware of the noise you are making, and it becomes even more sinister. Making. You can hear the creak of a creaky floorboard, and you will be able to tell it is time to get rid of it. You cry while you search for a hiding place quickly.

You can avoid the noise and still find new things that could help you. The basic elements of the game are to fend off granny and fend for your family. However, the game can be more complex if you include: Granny will send a home run right from Granny when she catches you. Your face. You will be able to wake up in the same place you were when you slept. The game was started.

As you progress into the final days, she will make it more difficult. Laying Foot traps are placed around the halls with stronger movements. She will come as soon as she is found The right key will open the front door.

Keep track of the days you spend. Each day is an opportunity to learn. Highlighted when you wake up the next morning after a beating Granny. Click the button to download Granny. Start the download. We will love to hear from you if Horror games are your favorite. We would love to hear from you in the comments section.


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