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Growing crops has never been so easy and fun! Crops are ready to grow and will never dry up! Harvest everything and plant seeds again to multiply crops. Then make products to sell. Buy chickens, pigs, cows and other animals for your farm as you expand the terrain! Feed the animals to produce eggs, bacon, dairy and other products to trade with neighbors or to complete truck orders and earn coins.
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6 July 2021
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 To multiply your crops, harvest and replant the seeds. Then make products to sell as you grow and expand your farm, welcome animals such as chickens, pigs, and cows! Give your animals food. Animals can produce eggs, bacon, milk, and other products to be traded with .neighbors Fill delivery truck orders for coins.

Expand your farm by building a farm It can be used to its fullest extent, from a small-town farm or a fully-fledged agricultural enterprise. Your business. To increase your sales, farm production buildings such as Bakery, BBQ Grill, and Sugar Mill can be used to expand your business. You can make cute clothes with a sewing machine and loom or bake delicious cakes in a cake oven. Your dream farm offers endless possibilities!

You can personalize your farm with a variety of accessories. You can customize your farm, truck, or roadside shop to make it more attractive. You can decorate your farm with things like a panda statue or a birthday cake. To make your farm stand out, decorate with unique items such as flowers that attract butterflies. Your style will shine through on your farm. Friends!

You can trade and sell items using a truck or steamboat in this farming simulator. You can trade crops, new goods, or resources in-game. Characters. You can trade goods for experience and coins. You can unlock your own Roadside Shop to sell more crops and goods.

Expand You can share your farm experience with others in the Valley. Join us! Play with up to 30 people in your neighborhood, or make your own. Players. You can exchange tips and work together to create incredible farms!

Get the Best. Farm. Farm.

Hay Day Features

You can build a farm:
Farming is simple; you can get plots and grow crops. Harvest the harvest, then repeat the process!
You can customize your family farm to create your own piece of paradise
Invest in production buildings such as a bakery, feed mill, or sugar mill to enhance your farm.

Crops to Harvest & Grow:
Crops such as wheat and corn will not die
– Harvest and replant seeds to multiply or to use crops such as wheat for bread making.

Quirky animals are available for your farm!
You can add chickens, horses, cows, and many other animals to your farm.
You can add pets like bunnies, kittens, or puppies to your family farm.

Places to See:
– Fishing Lake: Fix your dock and cast your lure for fishing the waters
– Town: Repair the station and travel to town to meet the orders of town residents
– Valley: Play with your friends at different events and seasons

Play with your friends and neighbors:
Start your own neighborhood and invite people!
Trade crops and new goods in-game with your neighbors
Trade tips with your friends.
Participate in weekly derby events and earn rewards with your neighbors!

Trading Game
– Trade crops, fresh products, and resources via the delivery truck or by steamboat
– You can sell items via your Roadside Shop
– A farming simulator meets trading game


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