Hempire: Plant Growing Game MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


“This is the perfect game for anyone wanting to get into the hemp industry.” - Tommy Chong Unwind with Hempire: The World's Greatest ...
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Tommy Chong: “This is the best game for anyone who wants to get into the hemp sector.

Unwind With Hempire: The Greatest “Gardening Game” & Community

Start a hemp farm! Your pot company can make you rich! Meet like-minded people from all over the globe and chat with them!

Let’s Grow!

* Grow dank strains such as Northern Lights, Hindu Kush and Jack Herer!

* Prefer Indica Sativa? Why not both? You can grow great grass and potent plants!

* In the Lab, breed new strains of plants and hybrids

* Choose your favorite seeds and make sticky, icky trees

* Click and tap to make your inactive bud farm a profitable chronic business

Build a Hemp Empire

• Upgrade and Repair your Growing Equipment

* Get cool decorations and special 420 products!

* Clean, fix and smoke in your community

* Make more money by selling products and items

* Get deals done, grow your ganja plant, expand your business, and get rid of the idle cartel

Create Hemp Products

* Cookies, brownies, and other edibles and treats that are CBD- and THC-infused.

* Craft hash and kief, shatter, oils, and other concentrates

* Create tasty, high-yielding hybrids by crossing different strains

* Sell grass, trade, and push your products for profit

Grow Green!

* Manage your dispensary and market your hemp products

* Make deals with locals to grow your hemp business and become a hemp tycoon!

* Increase your net worth, forge relationships, and invest your earnings into local cannabis or real estate

* Repair buildings, repair the streets, and grow your herb empire

* Make it rain like Wiz Khalifa or Cheech and Chong, Narcos, Snoop Dogg!

Challenge Your Friends

* Compete against other players in the Hempire Cup

* Start a pot business, invite your friends for a chat and to play

* Get on the leaderboards using your custom strains

* Ship products and fill orders at the Train Depot You can live your dream of building a global hemp empire. Find new friends and make partnerships. But most importantly, you can become the Hemperor of the mobile dopest plant simulator game.


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