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inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth/WiFi — the project that will be needed is useful and often necessary for any car owner who wants to learn about problems in their vehicles on their own. They are provided with a tool for performing diagnostics, monitoring processes, reading various messages, setting parameters, logging indicators, and other actions. Users will be able to have a detailed idea of what is happening and what should be done in the near future. You will appreciate not only the functionality, but also the visibility of the output data and the convenience of managing all possible actions.
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Oct 27, 2021
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Your connected vehicle

inCarDoc Pro is the best car doctor: Diagnoses, scanners, monitors, check engine codes, logbook tool, and diagnostics reader. It can read real-time diagnostic parameters from OBD-II-compliant cars and stores them.
Please verify that the accessible version of the OBD2 scanner and your car are compatible before you purchase.

ELM327 has required Or a compatible OBD scanner. They are supported by: OBD-II (Bluetooth (Bluetooth), WiFi, Kiwi 3(BLE), V-Gate iCar 3(BLE), Veepeak (3 (BLE), Carista (BLE), Vinli); GPS-only, Demo modes. Learn more at Only GPS mode has limited functionality: Speed, Altitude.

Pro version features:

* no ads
* Real-time parameter recording
* read & display multiple parameters
* Recording parameters in background mode
* View recorded parameters traces
* GPS traces support
* Upload to Server
* Extended widgets: Fuel economy, Acceleration
* overlay to current economy data on any application screen

Car diagnostics

Uses OBD2 scanner to read fault codes, locate descriptions and clear stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTC). You can store and share diagnostic data to help you find professional service/repair assistance. The app only supports parameters and ECUs that are specified in the OBD-II standard.

Real time parameters

Real-time OBD2 parameters from vehicle’s sensors are read: speed, rotation (rpm), coolant temp, pressure, O2 oxygen sensors and many other PIDs. Chart drawing and presentation of analog/digital widgets are available. The exact list of OBD2 parameters scanned depends on the year and make of your vehicle.


The Trip Computer mode displays and tracks car’s fuel economy/consumption. You can see both the in-drive (instantaneous and average MPG) per trip, per day and other statistics. This feature only works if the appropriate OBD2 economy parameters are available in your vehicle (MAF, MAP+IAT+RPM). To get the correct calculation, you will need to enter Engine displacement in cubic cm and volumetric efficiency in %. The default value is 80.

Permissions required:

* App history & device history
This is used to self-identify applications when in background
* Locate
Additional GPS parameters: GPS speed and altitude, fueling position, and service search
* Photos/Media/Files
As a direct user action, store and read “Logbook” data and debug data
* Other
Bluetooth-related – communication to an external OBD2 scanner
Internet-related – Publishing “Logbook” records to server for direct user actions
Drawing over other apps – Presenting economy and selected parameters on other app’s screens

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