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Judgment Day: Angel of God Heaven or Hell is an afterlife simulation game where you can judge. You'll decide who is guilty, innocent, criminal, and saint. After judging, you will choose where they should go afterward. Sometimes, you may have to question them using the lie detector. It is a fun detective game in this situation.
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20 August 2021
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It It is Judgment Day and here you are. OMG! You are the Angel of God and you have the responsibility of the judgment on the day of reckoning! You are responsible for judging. You can play the best of hell and heaven games.

They You will be able to see their actions in the afterlife. Be a detective master. Save the saint and punish the sinner. You will take them to the stairway of heaven.

It doesn’t matter if you are alive or dead on the day of doom. Rock star or street hustle. Everyone is equal in the afterlife. They have the same words to say: Oh god, oh God, save me. Not guilty, not even saint. They’re at the first step on the stairway to heaven, but they don’t realize that you are the best detective master. Use a lie detector to interrogate them and then judge them. You can both save innocents and punish sinners.

These are the details:

You Most of them are well-known. They are well-known people. Characters left Their marks in history: commanders and emperors; queens and kings. Celebrities, intellectuals, musicians and scientists Cartoon characters

Others are people living ordinary lives. Teachers, doctors, students, activists and landlords. Thieves, street hustle, and so forth. They all shout, “Omg!”

Features of the game

Decide if they will go to heaven or hell
Scroll left or right to send them to hell or heaven
– Use the lie detector to interrogate them
– Forcing them to confess their sins
– Use coins to collect coins for characters to confess
It is your turn to give them one more chance
– Unlock new angel skins 
– Enjoyable mini-games
– Save one level, burn one
Choose the worst test
– Exclusive levels featuring famous characters
Match your souls and bodies

Rule Heaven and hell! Oh God! It is hard work to be the judge of doom! Fairness and justice are essential. Judging requires being merciful but righteous!

This game is perfect for those who enjoy playing detective, judge, and God games. Judgment day: The best combination of both is Heaven and Hell. While you can be the most skilled detective, your subjects (such as street hustlers) are just waiting for you at the top of the stairway that leads to heaven.

Get the game now and have fun!


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