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THE SIMPLER APP IS SUITABLE FOR YOU when learning English from scratch and improving your knowledge.
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January 21, 2022
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ANNEX SIMPLER WILL COME TO YOU while learning English from scratch and while improving your knowledge. SIMPLER LEARNING SYSTEM INCLUDES ★ Our KNOW-HOW: learning grammar with visual rules ★ UNUSUAL PRACTICE! “Detective stories” with adapted English to consolidate knowledge ★ Memorizing new words through ASSOCIATIONS ★ New SIMULATOR to consolidate knowledge ★ PRACTICE of listening comprehension ★ Regular CHEKPOINTY to test knowledge and eliminate gaps ★ Daily FREE BENCHES with useful words ★ Ability to learn English for FREE English course “Simpler” consists of English grammar, vocabulary and speech trainings. HOW WE HAVE DELIVERED TO MAKE THE MOST SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT SELF-TEACHER TO LEARN ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH ZERO 1. We have created the simplest GRAMMAR TRAINING SYSTEM suitable for beginners. You do not need to understand all the intricacies and intricacies of English grammar, read English textbooks and tutorials, we decomposed English into atoms and selected only the most important information from there, structured and turned it into simple and clear designs . Each rule of the English language is a short and clear construction, which is immediately fixed with the help of answers to questions. As part of the English language course Simpler, you can learn the grammar of English from scratch. 2. We have created a simple and understandable ENGLISH MEMORIAL SYSTEM . In addition to a simple translation, you see a specially prepared illustration that shows an action suitable for an unknown word, and a text association that decodes the action in the picture and allows you to create additional mnemonic links . The system of repetitions of new words Simpler operates at intervals that are calculated and are caused by the Ebingaus forgetting curve . With us, your vocabulary of English words will only grow! 3. It’s not enough to be able to read and write in English, it’s important to be able to understand English by ear . For this, we voiced each phrase in our assignments by native speakers, which is especially important for beginners to learn English from scratch. In addition, we have created a separate listening section, which is called PRACTICE – after studying a number of rules of English grammar, you are invited to go through the fixing block consisting of a practical task : You will become a participant in a dialogue between two native English speakers , where you will train to recognize phrases by ear. 4. We called an effective system of various tasks SIMULATOR , it includes a range of different tasks that imply a phrasing training session, like from Russian to English , and vice versa, in addition, the tasks are designed in such a way that as quickly as possible to practice the skill of using of one or another rule in English: typing a phrase or choosing the right answer, or entering the correct answer from the keypad of your phone. English lessons Simpler is not forgotten with time because we include exercises from lessons learned in the SIMULATOR. 5. Strength in regularity! To maintain your motivation to learn English, we keep records of the SHOCK TEMP . Set your GOAL OF THE DAY and keep up the pace. Exercise every day and notice the results after the first week! 7. EXCLUSIVE : Detective stories with adapted English! You will start thinking in English, be able to replenish your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills. Here you can learn English for free. 📭 HOW TO CONTACT If you have any suggestions for the Simpler / Simpler app, please email us at: [email protected] . We consider all appeals and will be happy to help. Learning English has never been so easy and simple!


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