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Levelhead is a cute 2D horizontal board jumping game with rich elements. Players need to control the delivery robot, use props and map mechanisms to skillfully cross various enemies and traps, and deliver the goods to the designated location.
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Jul 19, 2021
5.0 and up

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Enjoy the 2D Platformer Maker by the award-winning studio behind Crashlands!
EMPLOYEEEEEE! The Bureau of Shipping, the galaxy’s premier package delivery company, is here to help. Our customers have relied on us for hundreds of years to deliver real goods. Now you can be a part of the delivery magic.

You are a Levelhead Division Employee responsible for training your GR-18 delivery robot to handle every delivery scenario. L.E.V.E.L.s are “Limited Exercises to eValuating EmployEe Limitations” that you can create using the Workshop’s intuitive Level editor. Then publish them for everyone to see.

You can create amazing gadgets and machines, embark on adventurous adventures that require brain and brawn, or even create a music scene for Levelheads to enjoy. Share your Level with the world and you will gain a following once you have completed it. You’ll always find the most recent Levels from your colleagues thanks to the powerful curation and following systems of Levelhead Division.

Don’t forget the Training Course! Over 90 levels are handcrafted and offer many surprises and challenges to spark your creativity.

Are you an employee? Do good for our goods and get out there!


+ Create your Levels You can be creative and create your Levels with hundreds if items such as enemies, hazards and paths, programmable switches and secrets, weather, music and other powers. You can create a large-scale adventure, a puzzle-game, a pinball machine or a Level with many bosses. Levelhead’s intuitive Level editor allows you to convert your design ideas into platforming adventure for players around the world.
+ Completing the fun and challenging campaign As GR-18, a delivery bot in training, you will run, jump and blast your way through 90+ challenging campaign Levels. You’ll also unlock new avatars and speedrun against benchmark times to become a top employee in the Levelhead Division.
+ Build a following! You can publish your Level to the world. Watch your Play Time, Attempts and Followers grow. Levelhead’s robust search and curation makes it easy to collect followers and play endless user-generated content all over the globe. The Marketing Department allows you to push your Levels to top by playing the game. This means you don’t have to be famous in order to get your Levels!
+ You can compete for speed and scores! Each Level has a leaderboard. The top spot will earn you the trophy. Be aware that there is intense competition and you never know who might be looking for your awards.
+ Cross-platform, save, and cross play Your Levels are available to everyone, no matter where they are created. You can back up your levels to the cloud, and transfer them easily between devices. This allows you to build and play anywhere you like.


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