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Explore Little Inferno's amazing fireplace, where you can burn everything that interests you. Simply lift them up and place them in the fireplace. To fire up the fireplace, tap on the screen. You can also turn some items into smokes and ashes in just seconds. Keep your fireplace lit as cold as possible.
4.1/5 Votes: 15,477
Tomorrow Corporation
11 October 2016
4.1 and up

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Are you tired of the latest mobile game that has little to no changes and uses the same old concepts? Are you looking for casual gaming with a unique, refreshing and almost bizarre gameplay style? This mobile title, Little Inferno, is sure to please.

You are about to embark on an exciting and unique journey that is completely out of the ordinary. You will be immersed in the cozy, creepy, and warm gameplay of Little Inferno, where you’ll continue to burn everything, and embark on extraordinary adventures.

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You can embark on the exciting adventures of Little Inferno which will take you far from the cold world beyond the wall. You can keep the fire going by picking up interesting items from certain catalogs. You can burn them and make them ashes to let their best light shine.

As you embark on this exciting adventure in Little Inferno, collect money, flowers and cash. You will interact with many interesting characters. As you interact with them, explore and live their stories.

You can start by playing this easy, intuitive, yet satisfying game in Little Inferno. You will have access to a small, cozy fireplace that you can use to keep warm from the cold outside. You can keep warm by lighting up any items that you find around you. You can collect coins, cash and flowers as rewards for burning them. You will also be introduced to interesting stories with every letter you receive.


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