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Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Gradostroy is a mobile platform that offers online and PvP fighting. The cult cartoon universe is alive and well. Players will create their own cities in the open areas of the world and attempt to become the capital, ruling over all others. Continue reading His team and are not very familiar characters, improve his ability. You can just have fun and build the infrastructure.
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15 July 2021
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Join Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian, and all others The classic toons that will build the best “Toon Team” in Looney Tune(tm). World of Mayhem Collect cartoon characters such as Tweety Bird, Taz, and Road Run and more to wage wild battles in a lively Looney Tunes World.
Collect Discover the funny and unique characters you love and share them with us. Fighting abilities. Characters from Road Runner, Wile E.Coyote. Each of Sylvester’s abilities is unique, as is Tweety to Porky Pig. Hilarious attacks. All the classic Looney Tunes(tm), cartoons are available here This epic action RPG features characters.

Your team can be built together Favorite Toons and Takedown Your Enemies with Famous Pranks and Gags You can use classic cartoon rivalries to win bonuses when you defeat an icon foe, such as Sylvester vs. Tweety and Road Runner vs. Wile e Coyote.

Battle With turn-based strategy and cartoon, combat Unleashed characters You can use slapstick to attack their enemies so that you can drop an ACME safe. Daffy’s head, or defeat Elmer Fudd using a giant Anvil

You can steal crates in PvP matches to earn rewards and power-ups.

Start Create your world and your Looney Tunes(tm), World with your creativity Favorite cartoon characters and landmarks You can collect locations from all your favorite cartoon characters and landmarks. Favorite Looney Tunes(tm), moments that will shape your own Looney Tunes(tm). Now, go out into the world and complete missions using the cartoons to boost your power. Characters

To become the master of mayhem, collect, and battle cartoon characters! Get Looney Tunes(tm), World of Mayhem now!


ARPG Looney Tunes(tm).
Collect Looney Tunes(tm), characters like:
– Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Yosemite Samantha, Marvin the Martian, and many more!
– Create famous feuds such as Sylvester vs Tweety and Wile E Coyote against Roadrunner!

Action R
– Level up and collect your favorite cartoon characters
As a special attack, you can use cartoon gags
– Combat in turn-based strategy
– Send your cartoon friends on missions to find resources

Strategy Game
To create your favorite and best team of toons, you can use your team-building skills
Master teams based on character synergy
– Strategically choose cartoon characters that have advantages over your opponent

World Building
You can unlock iconic landscapes and find classic building’s infamous cartoon locations.
– Make a Looney Tunes world for your characters
– You can earn resources by assigning your troops to complete tasks

Multiplayer Games
Battle Online
– Fight in PvP! Test your team of toons against each other in RPG matches.
– You can either steal power-up crates from your opponent or defend yours in PvP matches


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