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Magic: The Gathering Arena empowers you to discover your strategy, meet the planeswalkers, explore the multiverse, and battle friends around the world. Collect, build and master your unique deck that will become its own legend. Your battle is only the beginning; duel on stunning battlefields, and enjoy Arena’s game changing battle effects and immerse yourself in the game. Start playing for free, challenge your friends, unlock cards, and feel the magic of the original fantasy CCG!
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Jul 12, 2022
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Welcome to the digital Multiverse. Magic: The Gathering, the original trading card game, is now available for download. You can play with your friends anywhere you are!
Magic: The Gathering Arena allows you to explore the multiverse and fight your friends around the world, discover your strategy, and meet the planeswalkers. Your deck will be legendary. Collect, build, and master it. Your battle is just the beginning. Duel on breathtaking battlefields, experience Arena’s game-changing battle effects, and get immersed in the game. Play for free and challenge your friends. Unlock cards. Feel the magicc of the original fantasy CCG.


Do you know how to play magic? It’s possible! The tutorial system for Magic: The Gathering Arena will guide you through the different playstyles. This will help you determine your strategy and decide whether you are the type to dominate your opponent with brute force, subterfugee, or a combination of both. You can meet characters from all over the universe and learn spells and artifacts to make playing the original fantasy collectible card games easy and enjoyable. Playing magic has never been easier. You can collect cards to create a deck that suits you, and then master your strategy for fighting friends.


Digital version of the original TCG! You can explore the fantasy worlds in Magic: The Gathering Arena to build your deck, learn multiple strategies, and compete against AI or friends. You can have the Magic: The Gathering experience you want with multiple game modes like Draft and Brawl and 15 unlockable collectible decks. You can show off your eye-catching cosmetics such as avatars, cards sleeves, and pets and earn daily rewards that will help you grow your collection and create powerful decks that match your strategy.


You can either duel with your friends to win glory, or you can enter in-game tournaments for great prizes! Draft and Brawl pairings ensure that there’s always someone to play with. Esports qualifiers make it possible to achieve your Pro-Magic goals in the Arena Premier Play League. You can join casual battles to sharpen your strategy or compete in Esports qualifiers.


Explore the fantasy worlds of Magic: The Gathering to create your legend using magic’s rich lore, vibrant card art, and mystical lore. You can create your own story using your favorite characters, their most famous spells, and artifacts. Your story is just the beginning.

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Wizards of the Coast LLC owns Magic: The Gathering Arena and Wizards of the Coast. Their respective logos,MMagic the mana symbol, the planeswalker symbol and all character names as well as their unique likenesses are Wizards of the Coast LLC property. (c)2021 Wizards.


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