Mutiny: Pirate Survival APK + MOD (Menu) v0.34.0


Survive the challenges of the real role playing ocean adventure and become the most feared pirate in the Caribbean! Get your stuff together and lead your small crew, turning this deadly survival into some drop-dead adventure! Survive in the epic ocean free role playing game: Mutiny - Pirate RPG!
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Aug 13, 2022
7.0 and up

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Take on the role of a pirate and survive the ocean adventures. Gather your crew and make this a thrilling adventure! You can survive in Mutiny, a pirate role-playing game!
* Upgrade and build your ship
* Craft resources
* Join exciting quests
* Manage your pirate crew
* Survive on Damned Island
* Become a soldier in the temple of trials
* Add rare resources to your shelter
* Play with other players

A fortified shelter on an island can be built
You will need to fight your way through the wilderness to build your fort and protect your treasures as well as your life. You will need to gather resources, build weapons, and find rare materials in order to build the perfect fortress.

For a fight, craft weapons and armor
This crafting system will provide you with everything you need to survive on these haunted pirate island. You can make anything from a simple shirt to an impressive pistol using over 100 different recipes. Make the most powerful weapons and armor on the sea. Get the best pirate costume.

Your crew of pirates will be your leader
For the first time, you have a team that you can control in the survival genre. You can assign them different tasks such as crafting items or protecting your fort. Find pirate treasures and explore difficult island quests. Explore the ocean world by opening the map. To become the best captain on the islands, grow your team!

Collect resources
Make sure you have enough wood to make shelter and your first tools. Then, go out and mine for more complicated weaponry. Find new places and find more rare resources. Hunting animals can help you survive hunger and provide rare items.

Explore and Survive on New Islands
Discover the Caribbean archipelago’s PVP game world during the golden age for piratery! Explore the deserted islands, fight hostile pirates, meet the Indian tribe Taino, and survive in the sea full sharks.

Get ready to fight and loot other players
Take on PVP battles to lead attacks against your neighbours on the map. You can defeat their defense and get the loot. Fight for survival, and Fortune will smile upon you.

Trade on a merchant vessel
Multiple merchants are available to sell or offer their services.

You can exchange rare materials or unique items, or personalize your character. Find merchants on the map to upgrade your boat and receive even more valuable loot.

Limited Events
You shouldn’t miss these limited-time events. You can find an Island of Wrecked Ships by looking on the global map. There you will find rare items that you can use to build your ship. There are some great loot to be had at Boarding, where you can take part in the battle between two ships. You can also participate in other events!

You can start your RPG survival journey online under the black flag and show that you are a true survivor in the dangerous Caribbean. You can survive in a role-playing seaworld!

This game is authentically Caribbean and features ocean quests, pirates fights, and more. This survival adventure awaits you! Mutiny is an RPG that challenges you to survive on an island. Man up!

All you have to do is explore the world of Caribbean island game quests. Be the pirate king! Start your pirate adventure right now. Your crew is ready for survival games!

Join thousands of other players from around the globe! Mutiny gathered the best features from PVP and RPG adventure gaming. You’ll be able to recall this survival quest on a pirate island for a long time. Keep your cool, Jolly Roger may bless you!


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