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NBA LIVE MOBILE SEASON 6 IS HERE. Choose your path to greatness and build your NBA super team. Draft your team and select your lineup. Basketball legends ...
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 NBA LIVE MOBILE SESSION 6 IS OUT. Find your path to greatness, and create your NBA super team.
Draft your team, and choose your roster. You have the option to choose from basketball legends. You can increase your basketball team’s OVR by participating in sets and limited-time events. You can play your way to the top, and you will be the one who creates your legacy.

You can win tournament games, casual 3v3 tournaments, and matchups by dribbling and shooting. You can compete to win PvP matches on PVP Mode, NBA LIVE’s multiplayer sport game. Exclusive rewards can be earned by winning matchups and showdown games. Earn arena and showdown masters by winning games and climbing the ranks to show that you have built one of your strongest teams.

To keep your team on top, you can compete in NBA campaigns and events throughout the year. Every week brings new content, stories and events to tournaments. Play hoops to score amazing bonuses in real-life PvP matchups. You can also break ankles with friends and foes in all modes.

Get NBA LIVE Mobile to become a master hooper every day.


Events on the LIVE Today map
You can win Live Events by finishing your daily objectives.
Collect Team Tokens and Position Tokens to get players for your favorite NBA basketball team

A new LIVE Pass and Monthly Masters will be released each month along with multiple limited-time events
To earn the highest ranking players in the game, you can participate in limited-time events and complete sets

NBA LIVE lets you compete in the NBA throughout the year with campaigns to keep you team on top
– Beat your opponents and earn exclusive courts, players, and other rewards as you move through each Campaign.
To unlock new campaigns, increase your OVR

Draft NBA greats and recruit rising stars straight out of college basketball
– Build your own team from your favorite basketball players. Then, level them up to become all star basketball legends.
Draft games are a chance to play real-world basketball alongside NBA stars like Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo

Every week, there are new stories and content from basketball tournaments.
3v3 Basketball Matchups and PvP Campaigns – Win to Score Incredible Bonuses
Showdown matches unlock exclusive rewards. Scale the leaderboards today

Get NBA LIVE now and enjoy the glory of hoops.

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