Niantic’s Peridot – The Pokemon GO developer’s pet-raising game

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Niantic’s Peridot – The Pokemon GO developer’s pet-raising game

This one sounds exciting. Peridot is another upcoming Niantic game. It’s a Tamagotchi from the creators of Pokemon GO. You will be amazed at the cuteness of these pets.

Peridot’s debut was announced on April 13, 2022, when a press release was posted on and across social media. The official announcement includes a few details about the game and some adorable photos of the magical creatures we will be looking after.

What we know so far about Peridot

First, the mysterious new species is called Peridot (or Dot, as it appears). It’s not new. Peridots were first known thousands of years ago. They are about to wake up from their long, sleepy nights. We must be there to welcome them to this new world.

The heartwarming, new game will be AR-friendly (or AR-encouraged? I suppose). It is Niantic. The Pokemon Go developer hopes that Peridots will feel more natural when interacting with the real world.

How to raise your dot

Peridot’s first gameplay feature is the ability to foster and raise a Dot. Although we don’t have a lot of information yet about this, we know that our Dots will be able to go on walks with us, play with them and find treasures in the world around them. You’ll also need to care for your Dot, just as Tamagotchis did before. You will also need to take care of your Dot’s needs. You are not required. You want to play every single day.

Diversifying and researching species

Niantic encourages multiplayer gaming, even though you may be raising your own unique Peridot. You can diversify the species by meeting other players and their Peridots. While researching the species, you will also discover different Peridot archetypes, such as the Unicorn and Peacock.

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