Panda Gamepad Pro Apk Download Version 1.27


Panda Gaming Studio wants gamers to play more games on their smartphones, so they created Panda Gamepad Pro. It is still a Beta version, but many people have been interested. What are the main features of this version? Let's discuss it!
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Panda Gaming Studio
2 April 2021
4.4 and up

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There are many shooting games currently available that require many buttons, like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and Rules Of Survival. It can be hard to master if you don’t practice a lot. This application allows you to link your gamepad and make it easier and more simple to control.

To connect your gamepad to the phone, first, open this app. Panda Gamepad Pro will then provide you with a traditional gamepad with all the features that have been described. The next step is to connect the buttons to make them fit the touch buttons of the phone screen. After the adjustment and installation are complete, you can join your favourite game and start enjoying it. It’s easy.

Its simplicity is its first standout feature. Users can easily explore all the features. Gamers feel more at ease because the interface is simple.

Panda Gamepad Pro has many outstanding features; not only is it simple to use, but it also offers many other great features. To use the gamepad with other applications, you will need to clone that application. So you will have two identical apps on your home screen. This is a problem because you might mistakenly use the normal app and the inactive handle. You will waste your time signing in again. Panda Gamepad Pro makes it possible to use the app directly without having to duplicate it.

The application has other features, such as logging in and sync settings with your Google Play account. This feature is great if you need to reinstall your device or buy a new phone. You can also continue using the settings you have edited previously.


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