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Run a coffee shop and learn all kinds of nutrition-related knowledge. It is a simulation business game with cute drawing style and easy to use. In the game, we will run a love coffee shop and greet different guests every day. We need to provide them with different types of coffee and desserts. In addition to experiencing the fun of cooking, you can also learn a variety of nutrition-related little knowledge.
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Mar 9, 2021
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Papa’s Mocharia To Go allows you to make delicious coffee drinks and cannoli.

Papa Louie opened a new coffee shop in New Pepperton that offers a wide range of Papaccinos, which are custom-layered coffee drinks. You will be the star of a film about Papa’s Mocharia after you have applied for the job as a barista. You’ll be making eye-catching layers for customers while you brew espresso and steaming milk under the supervision of the documentary crew. You’ll be serving seasonal coffee and cannoli throughout the holidays, as well as unlocking new ingredients and earning Daily Specials that include a delicious macchiato and latte.


BREW ESPRESSO and LAYER DRINKS – Use the Brew Machines for freshly-brewed espresso shots as well as steaming and frothing milk for customers’ drinks. The Build Station allows you to layer espresso and milk in a large cup with colored powders and flavor syrups. This creates a delicious, layered latte that tastes as good as it looks! Add toppings, whips and drizzles to complete your drink.

CRAFTING CANNOLI-Custom-made cannoli will be ordered by customers along with their Papaccino beverages. For the perfect sweet treat, enjoy a cup of coffee with the cannoli shell. Line up the nozzles and pipe the cream into the cannoli shell. Garnish the cannoli with tasty toppings.

HOLIDAY FLAVORS: Celebrate the seasons with festive holiday flavors Your customers will begin ordering holiday-themed drinks as soon as you attain new ranks. You’ll be able to unlock new syrups and powders for each holiday. Your customers will love these new festive flavors.

SERVE SPECIAL RECIPES – Get special recipes from customers and use them to make the Daily Special at the Mocharia. You can earn a bonus for each Special by serving the best example of that particular recipe. To earn a prize, master each special!

CUSTOMIZE WORKERS – You can play as Allan, Akari or your own character to work at the coffeehouse. Your holiday spirit can be displayed by creating a wide range of holiday outfits for your employees. You can create your own style by creating millions of combinations and choosing unique colors for each piece of clothing.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: Some customers don’t want to travel to New Pepperton to get their coffee. Customers can place orders by calling you to place them. You’ll then hire a driver to deliver the orders to their homes.

COLLECT STICKERS: Complete different tasks and achieve various achievements to earn Stickers for your collection. Each customer gets a set with three of their favorite Stickers. If you earn all three, you will be rewarded by a new outfit for that customer.

DECORATE THE SHOP – Decorate the Mocharia lobby to reflect each year’s holiday season with themed furniture and decorations! You can mix and match styles or choose items that correspond to the holiday, so customers will not mind waiting longer to place their orders.


– A hands-on coffee shop in Papa Louie’s universe
Multitasking – You can make coffee, steam milk, layer drinks and create cannoli.
– Custom chefs and drivers
There are 12 holidays that you can unlock with different ingredients
Learn and master 40 special recipes
You can earn 90 stickers to help you complete your tasks
135 customers available to assist with custom orders
Stickers are a great way to show your customers how to create new outfits.
Unlock 124 Ingredients


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