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You have just infected Patient Zero with your pathogen. Now, you Must bring about the end to human history by developing a deadly, global Plague while adapting to all that humanity can do for defense It is all.
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19 July 2021
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You have just infected Patient Zero with your pathogen. Now, you Must bring about the end to human history by developing a deadly, global Plague while adapting to all that humanity can do for defence It is all.
Brilliantly executed, with innovative gameplay and built Plague Inc., a touchscreen application from Ndemic, is built from the ground up Creatures are the future of strategy and push mobile gaming (and yourself) forward. To new heights. It’s You against the World – Only the Strongest Can Survive!

*** The #1 most played game in the world with over 4 billion games played

Plague Inc. has received over half a million 5-star ratings worldwide. Features in newspapers like The Economist and New York Post. Herald, The Guardian, and London Metro!

Plague Inc.’s creator was invited to talk at the CDC Atlanta about the disease models in the game!

> “The game creates an engaging world that engages people on serious issues.” “Public Health Topics” – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
> “Plague Inc. The Cure” encapsulates all the complexities of global disease. The pandemic response highlights the importance of international collaboration “It is necessary to address such threats.” – Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations
> “Plague Inc. shouldn’t be as much fun than it is” – London Metro
> Winner – Pocket Gamer’s “Overall Game of the year.”
> “Killing billions has never felt so pleasurable” – IGN


* High-detail, hyper-realistic world with advanced AI. (Outbreak management).
* I am Legendarily helpful for in-game tutorials and help.
* 12 distinct disease types that require radically different strategies to conquer (12 Monkeys)
* Full Load/Save functionality (28 Saves Later)
* More than 50 countries can be infected, hundreds of traits can evolve, and thousands of global events to adapt to (Pandemic evolved).
* Full game support for achievements and scoreboards
* Expansions updates include the mind-controlling Neurax Worm and the zombie-producing Necroa Virus. Speed Runs are also available.
* Can you save the planet? In our largest expansion, take control and stop a global plague from spreading!

Localized in English, German and Spanish. More information coming soon


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