Power Rangers Dash MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Our unforgettable hero! Power Rangers! But we have one of understaffed hero, 3 rangers will protect to the earth! Let's play with dainty ranger characters. Running action game Power Rangers Dash
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This Version of Power Rangers Dash can only be downloaded in Taiwan, Laos Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore. Indonesia. Cambodia. Philippines. Hong Kong. Macau. To download Power Rangers Dash from another country, please use the URL below. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Ironnos.PowerRangersDashSaban Our unforgettable hero! Power Rangers! We have one of the less-known heroes. Three rangers are needed to protect the Earth! Let’s have fun with our dainty ranger characters. Running action game Power Rangers Dash.

Game Feature

66 heroes with different skills

-Just appeared personalities characters of Power Rangers Dino Charge and Super Megaforce, Samurai R.P.M. Operation Overdrive Mystic Force S.P.D. Wild Force Mighty Morphine and Freshmen

-Easy, simple and straightforward control

-Also, it is possible to control the attack by double jumping once every three Ranger jumps!

Choose your three cute Rangers and run! RUN!

– Your three cute characters can run together at the same time!

System -Easy to Use and Fast

E-coin can be used to strengthen Rangers and gain E-coin. Gem to rangers are even more powerful when they are equipped with E-coin.

-Team Skill system? Three rangers from the same faction met me; they have powerful passive skills! Make your own A-grade units and make use of their passive skill!

-Heart shaking summons system

-Interesting pick. You can forget about Gems and desired rangers. This will allow you to become the strongest ranger in the entire world.

The Ultimate Megazord!

– Summon a Megazord to enjoy your fever time

-Bonus Stage!

– You can open a bonus gate one day! You can get huge E-coins and G-coins with a maddening fist.

-Addictive Game Sound

Exciting sound effects make it fun!


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