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The game contains cars of all classes, from rare city cars to powerful sports cars! Frequent updates replenish the vehicle fleet, which will grow larger and larger over time!Set many parts and modifications for the car, improve its performance, and set new records! To improve the check-in time, the game provides a wide selection of car settings, from tire pressure to detailed gearbox settings. Change the look of your car by painting it in a fresh metallic finish, or by installing new body kits, spoilers, and wheels.
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15 July 2021
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Racing has been a popular genre because it offers players intense and dynamic experiences while driving simulated cars. The genre offers many variations and many gameplay options, making it rich and enjoyable. Project Drag Racing is a type of platform racing where the player drives high-performance cars to clear obstacles and complete the race according to the set objectives.

Project Drag Racing introduces a new style of racing. Drag racing is a type of road racing where high-speed cars win easily. This racing mode has many conditions, and all content will be replicated within the game. Many new racing modes will also be added, which will make the game more profitable and provide more entertainment than other games. The game features exciting gameplay, including a huge quest system that introduces new functions and maps to give players more entertainment, and even new vehicles for them to collect.

Project Drag Racing’s gameplay is very similar to a 2D platformer game. Its control system is easy and friendly. It comes with a fully functional console that allows players to interact with their vehicles and overcome any obstacles. The game’s control system will use realistic physical elements to make the experience more real and allow for intuitive interaction with the outside world. The player must keep track of vehicle statuses, adjust them, and stabilize everything to win each mission.

Project Drag Racing will bring an entirely new upgrade system to the next-generation racing game. Players can personalize each vehicle to get the best driving experience. Each vehicle has its own upgrade system and different looks. Players can unlock new content by completing special missions. Project Drag Racing promises to provide players with an incredible experience and entertainment through vehicle customization and upgrades.

Project Drag Racing offers players a challenging and intense mission system to go along with their favorite cars. Players will earn money and other rewards for completing quests. This will allow them to upgrade their cars and unlock new content. Completing challenges will unlock special vehicles, enable players to collect achievements and allow them to explore the potential of new vehicles. Players will have endless entertainment and can experience all the elements of the game through the basics.

Project Drag Racing uses drag racing elements as its main topic. It also introduces unique, intuitive gameplay that is accessible to more players. The game will feature Russian-made vehicles and offer a unique racing experience that Russians love.


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