Quakecon 2022 is still an online event because of uncertainties

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Quakecon 2022 is still an online event because of uncertainties

Bethesda announced that Quakecon, the annual event, will now be an online event. Although the publisher had hoped to be back in Texas, uncertainties have prevented it from returning to an in-person event. Quakecon 2022 will be held online, and it will take place from August 18-20, 2022.

In a statement to the media and online, Bethesda stated that there are too many unknowns to commit to an event in person. The official announcement stated that they were disappointed not to return to Dallas for this year’s event. A significant event like this requires months of planning. In this case, there was too much uncertainty to agree to a successful in-person QuakeCon.

These events require months of planning, including marketing, PR, and the game developers and designers involved in making demos and other content available. Online is much easier considering all the issues Bethesda has to deal with. It is unclear what these circumstances are, as the official post didn’t clarify.

You can be sure that you’ll still receive the old Quakecon online presentation. The Bethesda development studios teams are hard at work preparing for the presentation, which will take place between August 18-and 20. In June, more information about the online meetups and streaming programmes, giveaways, and other Quakecon antics will be announced.

More information about Bethesda’s most popular title, Starfield, even though there is already a marketing ramp-up for its development vlogs ahead of its November release.

The Bethesda Website has the Quakecon 2022 announcement. It isn’t all doom and gloom(a); Bethesda has committed to bringing Quakecon 2023 back as an in-person event. We will have to wait and see if that happens.

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