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He's clever, he's funny and he loves to play! Bob, your favorite burglar, is back to his old tricks inRobbery Bob 2With new characters, new outfits and new challenges
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August 23, 2021
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He’s clever, he’s funny and he loves to play!

Robbery Bob 2, featuring new characters, new costumes, and more challenges, is Bob, your favorite burglar, back!

You will play the role of Bob and sneak past security guards.

In the second chapter, you will find many new puzzles to solve as you travel through stunning villas and homes.


There are many reasons to jump into this adventure and get started now.

The man of steal is back! He’s now in serious trouble! Bob needs your help to plan a wedding for a mobster’s daughter. Stop Dr. Thievious’s devious plans. Find out if aliens actually exist.

More than 100 levels of looting fun! Playa Mafioso Shamville, Seagull Bay – What loot will you find? The new levels are challenging enough for even the most experienced burglars to enjoy this game.

Hide and Seek: Sneak around on tiptoe, hug walls to keep out of sight, make noises to distract guards, and if you are caught red handed, get away!

Old Bob, new tricks – Bob can use RC cars, Teleportation Mines, and tons of other gadgets to get out of tight spots. You can find the most clever ways to get around without being noticed.

Looted and suited – You can play in style with a variety outfits to personalize your character in any skin type


See what others have to say about our Robbery Bob 2 game.

5 “This game is perfect for mobile.” The art style is amazing, the gameplay mechanics and gameplay are always fresh and fun, and the music design and sound design are incredible.”

5  “Hilarious. The first and the second are my favorites. Amazing. Keep doing more!

Get your copy now to start your sneaking adventure Robbery Bob 2 is sure to become your favorite game!


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