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The biggest update to the game about the funny and blue superhero. We have made many improvements and added new features. The new world is more exciting and interesting. We have improved graphics quality, completely redesigned the vast open world, and increased its size.
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31 August 2021
5.0 and up

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This is the most recent update to the free game about the funny-blue superhero. We have made many improvements and added new features. The new world is more exciting and interesting. We have improved graphics quality, completely redesigned the vast open world and increased its size.
It’s now your chance to be a true superhero. It is time to be fast, strong, and fearless. Get started now to reach the top of the fame ladder. You can try your hand at a thrilling 3D third-person shooter that includes RPG elements. Enjoy a brand new gaming experience. The new version brings out new emotions.

Your power can help you free the city of crime. Playing interesting quests is how the main character must fight evil. The hero will battle gangsters and other evil forces that populated this city. The hero will be a big hit in the city and become a household name. The hero is eager for thrilling chases and fights. With different bosses.

Your character still has superpowers. He He has unlimited super ropes in his Arsenal and the ability to You can do mega jumps and landings. There are many other interesting things. The rope can be used to help the hero. You can quickly navigate through the buildings in the city. Be aware of what’s happening in the streets.

We have The game store was significantly expanded, and there were significant discounts on the products. The game now offers a wider range of ammunition. You can personalize your character with any set. This makes it stand out from the rest.

The game has an updated set of vehicles and appeared at the beach Vehicles include a bike, a motorcycle, a helicopter, and a pink tank. There are many options for moving around in the game; each player can pick their preferred transport.

The game’s superhero has an enormous Arsenal of cool items. You can find the most popular items in the game shop.

Skateboard this You have everything at your disposal, and you can do more It’s fun to explore the city and perform some interesting tricks.  Manoeuvres.

It is a better version of the parachute and has more Controllability with the assistance of the new parachute will be the hero’s strength. You will be able to perform more extreme tricks.

GLIDER-a superhero costume that allows GLIDER to fly on jet propulsion. Fast military aircraft. This allows you to travel very fast on the map and avoid prosecution. The jet wings have a weapon system that increases the functionality and fires back.

You can take photos of the most interesting moments during the game with the Selfie Stick and share them with your friends. This can be used for self-defence because a superhero is a real one. Always be alert

The game expanded the arsenal of weapons, including new SCIFI blasters and old powerful guns.

FREEZER – A gun that can be used to freeze your opponents temporarily. This gun can be used to freeze cars, robots, and tanks.

FLAMETHROWER is a powerful gun that can shoot fire. With it, you can set fire, and all that’s in your city.

DANCE GUNA fun thing that allows players to make their opponents dance. This thing can make it easy to have great fun in the 3-D city. This thing can also make cars dance. It’s very funny to watch a disco in the middle of the city.

HEAVY BLASTER can be used to create an alien cannon. It can shoot plasma and is extremely effective in combat. It can be used to hit many targets of different sizes.


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