Shadowgun Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)


Enjoying online shooters and multiplayer gun games? Would you like to discover a whole new universe, kill some nasty aliens and drink in a spacebar?
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Are you a fan of online shooting and multiplayer gun games?

Do you want to explore a new world, kill aliens, and enjoy a drink in a spacebar! Download Shadowgun Legends – Prestigious FPS Shooting Game First-person Shooter Winner of the Action First-person Shooter Award The universe is under attack and the Shadowguns are the last line of defence – legendary warriors, heroes, and showpeople. In the sci-fi universe of Shadowgun Legends, you can fight against alien invasion. Join the action in the epic story campaign or competitive PvP, or the cooperative multiplayer! Be a Legend and show the galaxy that you are the best shooter!

Immersive Online Multiplayer

Invite your friends to a Co-op that is available for every mission and dungeon. Play multiplayer games with your friends, whether you join a guild or create one! Were you feeling social? Meet new friends at the hub and bar in Brno, the fallout town! Your adventures are just a few steps away!

A Thrilling Story Campaign

In the epic story campaign, you will fight for human survival and shoot aliens in hundreds of missions spread across three planets. Each mission can be played in co-op, and comes with lots of loot and action adventures!

PvP Multiplayer Battles

Play multiplayer PvP games. You can challenge your friends in modern combat in a 1v1 duels or join a team for tactical 4vs4 multiplayer gaming! You can progress through the leaderboards to reach the top of the Legends!

Epic PvE Looter Shooter With Raids & Arenas

For glory and legendary loot, team up with your friends to shoot giant bosses together. Only on your mobile, you can fight and defeat the alien threat at War Games Arenas or Special Dungeons. Real Hardcore Shooting FPS Experience    

700+ Unique Super Futuristic Guns

You can choose from a variety of guns including shotguns and sniper rifles. Choose the right weapon to unleash chaos!

Unlimited Customization Options

Over 1000 futuristic armor pieces can be collected. You can experiment with different paints, skins, and stickers. Create your own armour set! You can show your halo and horns or have fun with it!

Top of modern controller compatible games

You can choose between touch control and an enhanced virtual joystick. Millions of players around the world have endorsed our unique FPS controls system. Support for gamepads included! Auto-fire shooting makes it easy to manage your life and keep you focused on survival.  

Be a Legend

You can progress through the Fame System which rewards you for every action. You become more famous the more you play – and the greater the reaction of the world to your efforts. You can fulfill your destiny and be legendary!  

The peak of High-End Mobile Graphics

We are pushing the boundaries of mobile device capabilities! Shadowgun Legends, a stunning f2p online shooter that blurs the line between console gaming and mobile gaming, is breathtaking.


MADFINGER Games has always been a pioneer in mobile FPS online gaming. Our innovative approach, cutting-edge graphics, and precise FPS controls have amazed millions of players. Since 2010, we have been creating the best FPS shooting games. We are the creators of Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 Unkilled, and Shadowgun War Games. These first-person action games have been downloaded more than 200M times.


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