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Craft and build for heroes in this idle crafter RPG. In Shop Titans, you are ...
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This idle crafting RPG lets you craft and build heroes. Shop Titans is your new craftman! You can build your own store, customize it as you wish, and make armour, swords, and other gear for your village’s heroes. Partnering with tailors, tailors and priestesses, carpenters, carpenters, and herbalists can help you build a successful business. You can sell, trade, or auction your products to the highest bidders in other shops. Your items will be bought by heroes and warriors, with the option to add a surcharge. Customize your avatar in your unique fantasy style. You can choose from a variety of clothes, hairstyles and eye colours to make your avatar stand out. The adventure begins once you are ready! This tutorial teaches you how to build and craft RPGs.

To become the kingdom’s most successful weapon shop tycoon, manage your store! To support your village’s heroes, build your shop as quickly as you can. To make a fortune and build a crafting empire, you can craft and sell products in your shop. You’ll receive loot, gear and crafting resources for each quest you complete. To find out what new items are available, open a chest! To get more loot, you can raid dungeons! For quests, recruit and build a team of heroes. There are three main classes of heroes to choose from:

Fighters and rogues. Spellcasters have exciting variants like Knight, Ninja and Samurai, Berserker and Druids. You can choose how they look and upgrade their weapons and gear to improve their combat skills.

This fantasy adventure will take you:

*Create and personalize your store

*Craft potions, armour and swords to sell to heroes or champions

*Join a guild to build your community with friends

*Recruit heroes and champions to adventuring

*Complete quest levels to obtain loot or other resources.

*Build your empire and become a master shopkeeper Shop Titans is now available! Design, craft, build, and quest your way up to the top in this fantasy simulation RPG game. Shop Titans allows you to make real money purchases within the app.


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