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SimpleRockets 2 apk is a real simulated space flight game in which you will drive a rocket, ascend to space, use your imagination in space to create a variety of high-tech to explore mysterious space, and use what you have learned. Knowledge to conduct various flight tests. You can personally participate in the development of the rocket. The first is to inject enough fuel to get the rocket to a new height and help you realize your aerospace dream.
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Jun 6, 2022
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SimpleRockets 2, requires 2GB RAM
SimpleRockets 2 allows you to build and fly rockets, planes, and rovers. You can also explore 3D planets. You can easily share your crafts and save games with the community. There are 17 challenges that you can use to test your creations.

You can build crafts by assembling parts. You can choose from pre-built engines such as the Mage which is a powerful, kerosene-fueled motor. You can also choose the weak, but very efficient Ion Engine. You can also dig into rocket science to design your own rocket engines. You can choose from eight engine types, seven fuel types, and seven nozzles. You can adjust the engine size, nozzle length and throat radius.

Interstates can be used to break down your craft into multiple stages. You can also create modular fairings that protect your valuable cargo. Many arts can be launched into orbit. With your existing skills, you can dock to create space stations, moon bases and refuelling stations.

You can resize and modify fuel tanks, wings and cargo bays. You can adjust the size of solar panels, shocks and pistons to meet your requirements. You can paint your craft with custom colors or modify their reflectivity, permissiveness, texture, and style.

You don’t need to wait for months to reach another planet. Orbits can be realistically simulated. You can view your orbits in the Map View and plan future burns. This is also useful for arranging future encounters with satellites or other planets.

As your craft changes, the flight model updates your craft’s drag- and lift characteristics dynamically. When you are soaring through the atmosphere at high speeds, re-entry effects kick into action. You should be careful as excessive heat can lead to unplanned and rapid disassemblies.

You can download from our huge selection of user-uploaded crafts. Upload your sandboxes or crafts to our website and share them with others. You can rise from a white-level builder to a Gold-level builder or beyond.


* Fully 3D Rocket Creator allows you to build anything, from simple rockets to complex multi-stage rockets, planes, rovers and satellites, as well as robotic mechs.
* Design custom rocket engines and jet engines
* Realistic rocket mechanics and rocket physics.
* More than 30 parts, including fairings and retractable solar panels as well as rover wheels and engines.
* High-procedural parts can be resized or reshaped to create endless combinations. This includes the cargo bay and the fuel tank.
* Map View: Navigate the solar system with its predicted orbits and encounters.
* Fully 3D rotating planets that can support water and multiple biomes such as desert, grasslands or tundra.
* Permanent sandbox that preserves previous launches.
* Players can upload their rockets or sandboxes to share with other players.
* An online community that allows players to comment and upvote on the content of other players.
* There are several build-and-flight challenges.
* Parts can support reflections, textures, and custom coloring.
* Flight model dynamically adjusts drag and lift characteristics as your craft changes.
* Re-entry effects include visual effects and heat damage.
* You can launch from different locations in the solar system with custom launch locations
* Support for saving custom subassemblies.
* Crafts can dock in orbit together and transfer fuel.
* Built-in tutorials will show you how to make a craft and get into orbit.
* Time-Warp allows for fast forwarding from orbit.


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