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Skateboard Party returns! The third edition of this popular sports franchise features Greg Lutzka, a professional skater. Skateboard Party 3 brings you the thrill of skating to your mobile device. You can learn new tricks, improve your skills, and hop on your skateboard in 8 different locations, including skate parks and city streets. Continue reading.
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July 31, 2018
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You can play with your friends on skateboards online or take on other skaters via the leaderboards. You can complete over 70 levels of objectives and achieve extreme skateboarding experience. Upgrade your favourite skater with the best gear. You can customize your skateboarding gear with licensed brands such as shoes, boots, trucks, and wheels.
Complete Over 70 achievements and levels to unlock new items and objectives These are the locations. You can upgrade the attributes of your favourite skater by gaining experience To perform better tricks and score higher.

From Practice and improve your ollies, wheelies, 360s, kickflips, and other manoeuvres. Skateboarding skills and tricks can be learned without any time limitations.

Challenge Invite your friends to join you in a skateboard fight and see who can land on the most. Use these tricks! Tweet your accomplishments to your Twitter friends and share them with them.

Choose You can choose from 16 skaters or customize each one to your liking choosing your favourite skateboard gear. There are many outfits to choose from. There are many options for shoes, wheels, trucks, and boards. Osiris, Onnit and Nectar, Jammypack FKD Bearings, and Darkstar.

There are There are more than 40 tricks you can master and many other combinations. You can follow the interactive tutorial to learn how to start and advance your tricks. You can create amazing combos and sequences of tricks to earn impressive high scores and gain experience.

Compatible with all game controllers.

Neue A fully customizable control system that allows you to create your button layout. You can choose from the left or right-handed control modes, or you can create your own control preset. You can use the analogue stick and accelerometer options as you like. To adjust your steering sensitivity, tighten the truck of your board.

* Compatible with all latest generation devices. Optimized for high-resolution displays.
* You can play online multiplayer against other skaters or friends.
* A completely new control system that can be customized. Everything can be adjusted!
* Discover over 40 new tricks and make hundreds of combinations.
* There are many places to skateboard, including the OC Ramps Skatepark. Venice Beach, Chinatown, San Francisco, Moscow, the Nature Museum Drainage ditch and Medieval Plaza with a mega ramp
* You can customize Your skateboard and skater will be outfitted with tons of unique content, including outfits. Shoes, trucks, and wheels by licensed skateboarding brands
* You can gain experience and improve your skating skills by playing often. To reach the maximum level of skateboarding, Greg must complete all levels. Potential.
* Please share your results with other skater friends via Twitter.
* Extended soundtrack featuring songs by Chaos Delivery Machine, We Outspoken, Voice of Addiction Templeton Pek Sink Alaska, Pear, Closer Fusion and Melodic
* The ability to buy experience points and special items through in-app purchases
* The ability to listen to your songs from your music library.
* Game Center support, including online leaderboards and achievements.
* Universal version for all iOS devices
* These languages are available in English, French and German. Spanish, Russian and Chinese.


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