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Imagine your parents arriving at a hotel together. Vacation and waking up to discover you are alone and with a few others. You meet mysterious people and don't know where your parents are.
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Imagine your parents arriving at a hotel together. Vacation and waking up to discover you are alone and with a few others. You meet mysterious people and don’t know where your parents are.
The terrifying Smiling-X Zero Mod Apk game begins in a mysterious hotel full of mysteries and enigmas.
But Be careful! Someone sinister and evil will chase you through these corridors of this magnificent hotel. You can hide from him by looking for hiding places.

Talk to the staff at the hotel and ask them about this strange person and where your parents live.
These are the features that horror games will appeal to you:
Amazing cutscenes and cinematics featuring real voice actors
– Talk to any NPC in the Hotel.
You can hide in different places, but you should not make too much noise.
This scary adventure has many objects and puzzles.
– Strange characters and scary enemies
This funny game features the most amazing 3D graphics.

You Hari will need to assist him in solving the puzzles that lead to the Lord’s plans. Finding the key to the escape of the haunted in time-limited situations hotel, escape and survive in the room
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