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PLAY historical NASA space program missions: Apollo Moon Program, Space Shuttle flights, and Project Gemini. X-15 Hypersonic aircraft flight flights.
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9 February 2021
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Space Simulator simulates space flight in 3D. It uses real physics and is set up in a full-scale Solar System.

PLAY the current Space X scenarios. Falcon 9 launch from Kennedy Space Center

Free flight missions to explore all the major moons and planets in the Solar System

LAUNCH from Kennedy Space Center: orbit the Earth and Moon; dock with ISS; perform Trans Lunar Injections; land on the Moon; practice rendezvous; return home with reentry, splashdown.

Plan complex interplanetary orbits, use flight computers and use onboard switches and instruments to experience space flight.

Key features

  • Interactive orbit planner allows you to visualize, create and modify interplanetary orbits.
  • Spaceships feature 3D cockpits and functional controls.
  • A custom mission editor that creates hypothetical scenarios for past, present, and future space programs
  • Original audio footage of selected missions
  • Commonly used in mainstream flight simulators

Space Simulator is a real simulator that uses gravitational forces, distances, and velocities. It’s based on a revolutionary engine for physics created specifically for this app.

  • A new, metal-based graphics engine allows for an unprecedented level of realism and frame rate.
  • Actual code from the 1960s is emulated on Apollo computers
  • Window-based configurable UI that allows customization to your liking
  • You can customize difficulty and gameplay based on your device’s capabilities with extensive configuration options
  • Ready to fly, custom sandbox missions


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