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SpellForce: Heroes & Magic apk is a role-playing and real-time strategy game where players can build their own army, explore the New World for resources, send your troops to conquer the city, create a kingdom of their own, and lead your army to find Glory, wealth and precious resources
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Sep 19, 2019
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It’s time for a new chapter in the critically-acclaimed SpellForce Series. Mobile devices now have the opportunity to experience the epic fantasy story in a whole new way. The Premium Game will feature turn-based strategy, tactics, and not real-time. This leaves the PC story unaffected.

The main objective of the adventure mode (13 missions long) or the free game is to build your kingdom, one turn at a time. You will face AI opponents on randomly generated maps. You can choose between the Orcs and Dark Elves as playable races, or ally with six neutral factions. Your troops will be sent to conquer cities, take mines and farms, and search for the treasury.

Your army’s hero of your race will lead them in their quest for glory, treasures and valuable resources. This is because your empire is growing rapidly and you need them to succeed. You can find new cities and create new units that you can command in any future battle.

Your heroes will explore the realms while you battle your enemies on the battlefield. You’ll be using hexagons to send Archers, Knights and Catapults or Dark Elf Necromancers to fight beasts and enemies such as Spiders, Shadow Nightmares or Barbarian Berserkers. Your enemy will also be planning your actions. When you execute your plans, you’ll be able to see who is the better general.

SpellForce Heroes & Magic can also be used as a role-playing game. Both your hero and your soldiers gain experience, and you can also find magical items such as swords, armor, and other equipment. You can gain new skills as you level up; seasoned warriors are better on the battlefield than young recruits.

SpellForce Heroes & Magic is a premium game that follows the HandyGames strategy: You only need to buy once, and you can continue playing as many games as you like with all of its content.

No microtransactions.
No loot boxes.
There are no ads.
There are no Free2Play mechanisms.
It’s a fantastic game.

* Create your fantasy empire: Explore, Exploit, Exterminate, Expand. We don’t believe it’s a 4-X game. Do you?
* Lead your heroes and take on your enemies.
* A world of magic: Heroes can cast Fear Spells and Lightning Strikes on enemies, stun them, or heal their companions.
* Simultaneously, turn-based combat: Your enemy can plan your actions and you can execute them simultaneously.
* Items, level ups, skill trees: Create your own army with full-fledged RPG mechanics.
* You have three playable races: Orcs and Humans. Dark Elves and their legendary heroes are waiting for your commands.
* 6 neutral races that you can ally with or fight for: Gargoyles and Shadows, Elves. Dwarves, Barbarians. Barbarians. Trolls are loyal friends or enemies.
* More than 30 units available to be led into combat and mustered.

Supported languages: EN, FR, DE, JA, KO, PO, PT, RU, ZH-CN, ES, ZH-TW

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