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Spirit of Justice is an exciting android game where you will play the role of Phoenix Wright’s lawyer. In this game you immerse yourself in a world of secrets and mysteries where you will act on guard of justice. Our hero arrives at the courthouse, where he will listen to the case of his ward and discovers that the main witness of the accusation of the kingdom is the princess-medium, which with the help of an ancient artifact shows what the victim sees before the death.
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March 17, 2020
5.0 and up

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There are no objections! Check out the Ace Attorney series’ latest entry! As they take on cases both at home and abroad, Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice will be there!

This full-length game features a vibrant cast of characters, including Maya Fey’s return. It is filled to the brim of all-new mysteries, courtroom drama, and more.

*This app includes the following add-ons: Episodes 1-5, Special Episode, and Costume Set.

*Notice: Please review the “About This App Section” at the end.

*Point your way to victory
To play, tap the screen. You can access useful features like a backlog to allow you to reread story dialogue and testimony.

*Immersive Investigations*
Explore 3D crime scenes in 3D and talk to witnesses about the evidence you can use in court.

*Forensic Investigation Gameplay Returns in 3D *

Ema Skye, forensic scientist and author of many forensic tests is back! You can try your hand at fingerprinting and luminol testing to find clues on the crime scene or pieces of evidence in 3D.

*Fast-Paced and Entertaining Trials
Find and eliminate contradictions between the evidence and witnesses’ words. These cases will require a sharp eye and a sharp wit.

*Divination Seances*
The Royal Priestess from Khura’in is willing to give the court her divine insights, which are her interpretations and last memories of victims. Compare her Insights to the evidence and the Seance vision to find flaws and reveal the truth!

*Colorful Cast Of Characters
Phoenix Wright and his junior attorneys face a new cast of amusing, sometimes bizarre characters. Fans’ favorites make their return in some very unusual circumstances.

*Surprising Twists*
Enjoy the mystery solving and the hilarious antics of the characters. Drama and dialogue will keep your eyes open for the rest of the story.

*Lighthearted Extra Content*
For some hilarious trials, dress the protagonists in costumes and wear them in the main game!

A bonus episode entitled “Turnabout Time Traveler” is also included. This story stars Phoenix’s childhood friend Larry Butz and his long-time rival Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. Maya Fey was Phoenix’s former legal assistant. You know mischief and mayhem are not far away when you have the gang back!

*Play Games Support*
Google Play Games allows you to transfer your saved data easily between devices. You can play at home or on-the-go with Google Play Games!

*The story of this game is the exact same as previous releases.

*Supported Devices*
** Environment and Setup
Versions of supported OS:
Android 5.0 to 9.0

Minimum Hardware Requirements
(Intel processors cannot be supported)

NOTE: This app can be purchased and installed on any device that doesn’t meet the above requirements. However, it cannot guarantee that it will work properly. We cannot offer refunds if the device doesn’t meet these requirements.

*Device Support Inquiries
Please inquire here to find out if your device supports this feature.

Download the Size

We strongly recommend downloading the app via Wi-Fi due to its large size.

*About this App*
Start the game in silent mode
If your phone is already set to silent, this app will automatically start in silent mode. To adjust the volume slider, please refer to the settings menu. If you’re using headphones, this will not affect the game’s volume.

Online authentication
This app will authenticate your device to protect against piracy. We are grateful for your understanding.


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