Survival Island: EVO raft APK + Mod


An adventure game that examines player survival skills. In the game, the player must try to survive, explore the unknown world, build their own house, fight with the beast and cooking recipes, to maintain their own health, so that their own survival.
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Dec 28, 2021
4.4 and up

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It has been many centuries since humanity finally reached its long-awaited goal. We have conquered the Earth, and have enslaved all nature forces. You know what they say: the bigger they get, the harder they fall. We did eventually fall and it was difficult. The environmental apocalypse catastrophe exploded, covering every major urban area in toxic smog. With each passing day, the atmosphere became less livable. The Earth’s light began to fade. A unique emulsion made from Premium, the rarest of metals, was the only way to stop the inevitable. Earth Protection Committee created a task force to find new Premium-rich worlds. As a volunteer, you volunteered to go on the expedition. But, as is often the case, things went wrong. You found yourself on an island without a team, food or water, and only a flat head with lots of questions. You have to survive and return home. It will not be easy to get started. Good luck! The Island is now a place where survival is possible.
The Island is a place where you can survive, build, and hunt! You can play without internet access and free of charge.

Survival game features

Mysterious caves
These areas are full of secrets and mysteries. Explore the wild and hidden caves. Be careful! It is too dangerous! Rare resources can be found and collected. Explore the caves of the Island. Build a home on the island by collecting rare materials, tools, and weapons. You must survive!

Great 3D graphics now available
The latest version of 3D graphics with high resolution are now available. It’s easier than ever to feel like survival. Imagine suddenly discovering an island with ancient animals and a huge jungle forest. The best survival simulator available with 3D graphics and the best sound effects is already here

Numerous new weapons and vital resources are available
You have to survive, whether you are in the Apocalypse of a desert island. There are three types of weapons you can make: an axe, a bow, and arrows. These weapons will allow you to hunt for food, and defend yourself during battle. You can make weapons to survive. You will need to mine resources and make the weapons you need. Craft weapons: axe, pickaxe, spear, even ark, etc.! You will never go hungry because there are so many foods to choose from. You can survive on the island by crafting. This is where survival and craft are at their best! Survival island craft is available!

Increased crafting, building, and fighting skills
This isn’t as simple as it looks. Even if it’s your last, be brave. This game allows you to craft and create more advanced materials for building facilities. This game is perfect for survival crafts fans! You are now a true survivor, and you can explore new lands. You can build your shelter on the island. Discover new places, make tools and gather resources for building. It is difficult to build a home on an island by the ocean. Get started now!

Taming animals
Hunting isn’t just about hunting, but also the taming of wild animals to ensure survival on this island. There are elephants and lions as well as other wild animals. Every animal is unique in its personality, temperament, and individuality. It will not be easy to control animals. Be bold!

The Island is home to dangerous animals. Hunting animals is a dangerous activity. Animals will hunt you. This can be very dangerous. Is it you who is the hunter or the victim? The royal battle begins.

This game is for survival gamers! Survival island EVO includes crafting, hunting, and building. Get the survival simulator now! Why wait? Dangerous Island awaits you!


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