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Ocean Nomad is a new release in the series of ocean survival games with new enemies, items, rpg elements, survival on an island and ocean exploration on a ...
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 Ocean Nomad is a brand new ocean survival game with new enemies, items and RPG elements. It also features survival on an island, as well as ocean exploration from a boat. You can build and upgrade your raft to survive in the ocean, protect it from sharks, and explore the vastness of the world around you. All our survival simulation games in one!
Our game features:

Hundreds of weapons and other items
Open-world exploration
Realistic 3D HD graphics
Survival on islands
Improved raft building

Survival tips for the apocalypse

Grab resources and items with your hook

You have many valuable resources available in shark games. The chest and barrels that are floating around contain essential resources for survival in seawater, and wreckages can be used to build rafts in ocean games. You may even find tools, weapons, and items to defend the raft. Keep throwing the hook!

Make weapons and armour

Prey can change the rules to become a hunter in shark game. You will need to make a tough choice between hundreds of guns, two handed blade weapons and armour parts in order to protect your floating base and hunt sharks. You will always be prepared for battle with a well-constructed arsenal.

Protect your raft

Now that you have one more problem to solve, be ready to evolve and fight to survive in the ocean. Swimmers from other survival games are now joining the shark and ready to attack the raft. There is no way to tame sharks, and there’s no escape. So get ready for swinging and shooting all night!

Build and Upgrade

When playing survival games in the ocean, pay attention to how your raft is doing on the water. To feel safe, you can simply tie together a few wooden planks. You can be creative and make the raft larger or smaller in survival simulator 2018 games. Your imagination is your only limit. You can make the floating shelter more functional by adding fishing storage space extensions to it. This will help you survive in rough seas.

Explore the ocean

Ever wonder if there is a land of rest with jungles, forest, and animals in the ocean? This is a remarkable feature of our island survival game. Do not sit still, explore the sea and islands surrounding you. They could hide horror or glory, wild tigers or medieval royale treasures, terrifying dinosaurs from Jurassic Age, or old aircraft wreckage. You can also find upgrades and resources for your raft, as well as other items on the islands. To sail to the islands in shark games, you don’t need a ship or ark. A simple boat will suffice.

The story of the apocalypse

Unknown, catastrophic cataclysm destroyed the world, leaving the last survivors on scattered islands, wishing to find their homes. Our raft game’s mission is to locate them, discover the truth about what happened, and find others who can survive so that they can join us.

Live on a raft

Our latest offline survival simulation games are packed with new features, evolved enemies, and items that will amaze everyone. Get the Ocean Nomad game now and set off on an unforgettable survival adventure. Play without internet or wifi, survive for as long as possible and then share your results with friends online!

Treastone LTD, our company, has full rights to the RAFT trademark in USA (The Mark Consists Of Standard Characters without any claim to any font style or size – Ser. No. No.


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