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Swift Installer bundles the best Swift Substratum themes. It comes with its own color engine and installer! Now you can install Swift Themes allows you to customize everything. There are many color options. Infinitive: The user can input their favorite hex code Dark backgrounds and accents are best. There are currently 186 apps. Themed.
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Nishith Khanna
28 July 2021
8.0 and up

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Swift Installer bundles the best of Swift. Substratum themes come with their own installer and color engine Swift Themes can be installed and customized. You can now install Swift Themes and modify everything about it. There are so many color options that you can choose from, and you can even pick your favorite! Hex color code for accents and dark backgrounds There are around 200 apps. Currently themed.

ROOT requirement and support systems:

*Root is necessary nexus, Pixel, and OxygenOS (Oreo and Pie) are AOSP-based custom ROMs.
– Root is required for all Samsung Pie devices, except the S9, S9+, and Note 9.
*Root is not necessary on Samsung Oreo.

Important: Note that overlays on Samsung Pie require root permission. Samsung has made changes to the S9N9 line, and they may make other lines in the future. These devices are built for them. This is Samsung’s responsibility, not ours. __S.37__

We This installer is recommended to Swift theme users only. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. If you are looking to mix themes, our Substratum themes can be used.

Some notable features

* All themes are included.
* Includes unlimited dark color options.
* A simple to use update system. There is no need to reinstall the overlays every time there is an update.

Samsung citing: You will need to install all apps for the first installation manually. This means that there will be a lot more clicking. After the first installation is complete, it will automatically reboot. Our update system makes everything much easier and more efficient. There are many options. There is a learning curve, but once you master it, you will find it easy. Use. Note: Samsung Pie requires that you enable the native Night feature Mode from the Settings section of your device.

OxygenOS: We The OxygenOS dark theme is the basis for your theming. You will need to change to the OOS Dark theme native to your computer: Go to Settings. Next, select Display and then Theme. Select Dark, then tap OK!


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