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Gladiator, welcome in the dungeon. You will be the first to step into the dark dungeons beyond the arena sands. It would be a good idea to light a torch.
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15 June 2021
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Swords And Sandals 5 Mod Apk

Swords and Sandals 5 Redux, Grail of Antares is the latest exciting installment in the most popular gladiator game series. Swords and Sandals 5 Redux is a unique blend of turn-based gladiatorial combat and roguelikedungeon crawling. It also features a 20-hour adventure where our gladiator hero will travel to Suul’s Gateway, the home of Brandors most terrifying beasts and toughest gladiators.

Rumours swirl that the once-feared Emperor Antares, who was thought to have been defeated in the gladiator arena, may be back. They believe his soul is hidden under the mountain. Are you going to find the Grail, destroy him and save the world? Or will you become a new evil dictator?

This is why Swords and Sandals 5 Redux is so proud. It has:

  • Quick-paced, turn-based gladiator combat. You will be fighting wily gladiators with hundreds of weapons and armor sets. You can use powerful new skills to defeat your foes.
  • The first ever procedurally generated roguelike crawling experience! On your quest for the grail, explore vast pyramids and ancient tombs.
  • Interactive, living world. Pick locks, disarm traps, and pray at shrines. Talk to shopkeepers and drink in taverns. You can eat hamburgers in dungeons.
  • A 5 Act epic gladiator story that spans several chapters. You will be guided and hindered by beloved characters and villains from Swords and Sandals’ past.
  • Fight new arena champions, not just human gladiators but powerful beasts. A giant spider that is 40 feet tall can be defeated. Avoid the fiery flames of an ancient Dragon!
  • New Gladiator Sprint mode: Play in an endless gladiator tournament that is lightning fast. After each battle, level up. Take on the legendary Gladiator Champions from Swords and Sandals’ past.
  • New Swords and Sandals Dungeon Crawl mode: Create a gladiator quickly and explore an endless, dungeon. You will be fighting monsters and trying your best to survive. Do you have the record for the most dungeon levels?
  • There are five character classes available. Noble knights, shrewd rogues and many more have their own abilities to survive the dungeons.

This is the most epic and impressive Swords and Sandals adventure. Only the most skilled gladiators can survive in the darkness. Are you one of the few brave ones?

You are invited to the Grail of Antares!
*** NOTE
Your gladiator will be able to advance to the second arena champion in this FREE version. You can continue by making an In-App Purchase called “Maximus”, which will unlock all five acts and 20 chapters, a special Maximus suit of armor, remove ads, and unlock the rest.


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