Tap Jump! – Chase Dr. Blaze Mod Apk Download Version


Jump, roll and slide across platforms and slopes. Jump off the walls to follow the trail left by delicious jellies Bubbles. Your timing skills will be put to the test as you navigate your character through many levels of platforming challenge and fun. To unlock funny new characters, find the hidden clues.
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This platformer based on timing allows you to navigate adorable animals through danger and joy.

Dr Blaze has kidnapped Bubbles, the cute pet jellyfish. You have the opportunity to pursue this evil firefly Dr. Blaze.

Jump Roll across platforms, slopes and slide down to jump off walls. Follow the Bubbles’ trail of delicious jellies. Push your timing You will need to put your skills to the test to navigate your character through many levels Platforming is full of challenges and fun. Unlock the secrets behind platforming fun and challenge New funny characters


  • Simple controls, multifaceted jump & roll gameplay!
  • Many levels filled with dangers, fun, and hidden secrets!
  • Upgrade and unlock new characters
    To win trophies, you must master additional challenges at each level.
  • Discover secrets to new characters and gifts!
  • You can use all types of catapults and activate switches to perform daredevil feats. Manoeuvers on moving platforms – It’s all the bells & whistles Platforming is fun

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